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Algebraic Expressions and Algebra basics

What is algebra Expressions?

Expression meaning:- Consider any expression, say, 2+4; we need to check if it fits the criteria of the definition of the algebraic expressions. An algebraic expression should have a constant value, here, it is 2. It should have a function, in this case it is ‘+’ or expression is a combination of variable and Constant.

Now, an algebraic expression should also have a variable. In this case what we can do is re-write the expression as 2+4x, with the value of x being 1. So, a real algebraic expression can be written as, 2+4x and it will be called an algebraic expression.

Arithmetic Progression for class 10th

What is arithmetic progression?

An arithmetic progression can be understood as a sequence that has a starting number and a series advancing with a definite interval. The simplest and the easiest example being the number series 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Here, the first number is 1 and the definite interval is 1. If we keep on adding 1 to the last number, the sequence will keep on progressing and yes, it becomes an arithmetic progression!

Progression can be a tough and a big word, especially when one is dealing with mathematics and ‘Arithmetic Progression’ at that! Well, the easiest definition to go by is arithmetic progression is just a sequence of numbers that follow a particular pattern.

What is the Importance of Algebra in Real Life?

What is Algebra?

Algebra is a branch of mathematics that deals with symbols and following rules that helped in maneuvering those symbols. In elementary algebra, these symbols represent quantities without a fixed value more commonly known as variables.

Simply putting it, algebra is all about finding the undefined variables into equations and finally solving them. It is that branch of mathematics that substitutes letters for numbers, and it is an algebraic equation that represents a scale on both ends on what is done. Algebra constitutes complex numbers, real numbers, matrices, vectors, and various other forms of mathematical representations.<