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Does Math problems help you in training your Brain to tackle hard situations of life?

Mathematics, one of the main disciplines taught to all students in schools, from primary level we are taught about Maths subject by our tutors. Some students like maths as a subject so much that they venture into maths in higher education, at degree level or beyond.

Maths is applied everywhere, whether you want to study sociology, psychology, physics, biology or any other subject, maths skills are important everywhere and you get involved in many Maths solving activities. Maths is important to a wide variety of academic subjects, and if you have a good understanding of the subject you can easily understand other remaining subjects as well.

Doing more problems helps get training and improve our skills to tackle hard situations of life. If you don't believe us, just have a look at how Maths can help make other concepts easy and how it is applied in different fields.

Below we have presented some interesting examples how Maths is applied in the Real World and how Math Problem solving help children become expertise in the same.

1. Maths and Shopping

Going out for shopping and taking care of the available funds is all about Maths. When you start shopping, first of all you fill your trolley with products labelled with barcodes, and then do calculations in your mind before picking each product. Later all the products we kept in our trolley are scanned before we make payments. We all do purchases either by paying cash or through the credit card.

All this won’t be possible without mathematics. So learning maths helps our brain to tackle hard situations of life and we start tackling hard maths problem without any difficulty.

All while doing all these steps and calculations, we consider mathematical concepts, like the way it was taught in the classroom. Another example is calculating discount percentage while doing shopping under sale time. While shopping, many times we come across a 50% off promotional discount or buy 2 get third free. The company making sales offers did a detailed mathematical calculation to know their profit and without maths, it won’t be possible. The value of knowing basic mental calculation and Maths solving activities only helps the company design attractive sale offers but also helps the customers to shop smartly.

2. Maths and Cooking

Many of you might get confused how Maths and Cooking go hand in hand and how they are connected with each other. But surprisingly, Mathematical games can extend to the kitchen as well. While cooking, we apply maths. For instance, while baking a cake, how much do I need to put on the floor, sugar, etc. needs to be calculated and any changes in the same might bring changes in the final product. The use of maths in cooking is almost inevitable, and all people apply their maths skills while cooking anything.

The basic rules for converting weights (grammes to pounds and vice versa), temperature, or simply to add or divide ingredients require maths and it is important to make appropriate additions and subtractions.

3. Maths skills are applied while purchasing a house

We all buy property, whether big or small and while buying the same, we apply our mathematical skills. Understanding the importance of property purchase, it's better to pay attention and be sure that all transactions are accurate. For instance, at the time of borrowing money, companies charge different rates of interest, so it is us who need to decide the best rate of interest considering our paying capacities for 2, 5, 10 years or even more.

In order to know how much we can do overall, we need to look at different mathematical calculations, calculate interest rate, to know the most profitable deal. So buying property is not only about looking at a property only, rather you need to make a better fiscal plan and for the same your mathematical skills are essential.

4. Maths and Travel

Nowadays, while traveling, we all use GPS that is connected to our cars and smartphones and all this is done with maths only. Before the inception of technology, we used the compass, protractor, sextant, etc. to understand the distance from a fixed point, and direction of movement. Triangulation (today greatly improved with satellites) with its calculations of angles and distances and maths is applied in one form or another.

All satellites include a great amount of mathematical concepts and using the same, we can reach the directions on time.

5. Music and Video Games

On an audio compact disc, the sounds which all of us hear are coded by a mathematical sequence into a string of 1s and 0s, grouped together into 8-bit words. So that the recorded sound is more resilient to damage and maths skills can help detect and correct the sequence, if dust or scratches obscure some of the data on the disc. This branch of mathematics is being referred to as theory of error correcting codes and it is applied in many other applications like data transmission via satellite, etc. to make systems perform easier.

You might not know but maths helps a lot in accessing your favourite websites and people are trained to solve maths with ease.

6. Mathematics and Sales

Your basic understanding of maths while working in sales can prove you to be an indispensable asset. As a salesperson, it is important to practice mental calculations and give personal attention for maths solving to stay sharp

We can become a maths expert by tackling hard maths problem and with regular practice. Whether calculating prices in Excel, looking at the sales percentages, commissions, a discount or converting currencies, maths skills are required and it helps make an accurate decision. However, you don’t need a degree in maths to do these basis calculations, rather Maths Quick revision handling is needed. So be sure to practice properly and if you still face any trouble, you can always get in touch with Ziyyara’s maths tutors.

7. Maths and Accounting

You don't need a maths degree to become an accountant or a secretary, or no maths degree is needed to plan your monthly household budget. However, it is important to have some basic knowledge of maths to successfully do each day's work. Whether you want to make changes in an Excel table, or want to do basic statistical analyses, evaluate a forecast budget, balance your books or determine management thresholds, it is important to know basic understanding of Maths as it is applied everywhere!

Maths, with its formulas for area and volume, is also used in architecture and for representing buildings in three dimensions and to create perspective views of a plan. Even Thales' theorem talks about calculating hard-to-measure distances, like the height of a pyramid, etc. While designing complex buildings, engineers use some form of mathematical principles.

Other Maths applications include video and animated film design.

8. Maths and Economics

The majority of the economic models consider mathematics concepts. Broadly, economists’ work include equal distribution of wealth within their country. The range of applications of mathematics is as broad as the economy itself, from simple calculations to solving more technical issues within macro- and microeconomics, mathematical concepts are applied. Another interesting aspect of maths in economics is predicting economic models and how the models can be used in the future.

Doing more Maths solving activities help store important data allowing us to anticipate, to some extent, the future fluctuations of a phenomenon we try to explain. Thus all subjects are interrelated to both economics and the application of mathematics and it is important to have knowledge of the same. Another important economics area where mathematical concepts are applied is econometrics, which seeks to demonstrate mathematically whether variables are relevant in explaining phenomena.

Attend your demo session now and shake hands with Ziyyara for a stress-free academic growth where learning is made easy and fun. Enjoy!

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