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Students, starting from the kindergarten level up to the doctorate level, find it easier to complete their homework, projects, and assignments, thanks to the internet. In the past, when internet was unavailable, students had to struggle to keep up with their studies. Learners who took tuitions after school hours, had to commute to tutoring or coaching centers and back home, which resulted in loss of crucial study time.

Additionally, the students had to pay hefty tuition fees to the tutors, making it extremely difficult for their parents or guardians to manage expenses. However, the arrival of internet and online classes for commerce has made things much easier for learners all over the world. Students throughout the world now make the most of online one-on-one tuitions that instantly links them with highly skilled and experienced instructors, tutors, and mentors, irrespective of time and space.

Online one-to-one tuition is a very effective yet simple method of education where students and teachers use a variety of web-based tools and techniques like intuitive whiteboards, and audiovisual chat rooms. With online learning, learners and educators interact in a virtual setting where both parties discuss, view, write, and exchange documents. Students are able to solve their problems and make progress in their studies in real-time via online education.

In this article, we will focus on tuition for commerce for high school students and how they can benefit from registering with an online tutorial

What is commerce stream?

Since the day India gained independence, students all over the country had the option of pursuing higher education by choosing anyone from amongst three basic academic streams after clearing Std. X. These basic or essential streams were arts or humanities, science, and commerce. And the trend continues to this day.

In this article, we’ll exclusively focus on the commerce stream of education. The commerce stream entails gaining sound knowledge on how humans conduct trade and commerce for facilitating the transfer of goods and services from producers to end-consumers. Students who choose this stream once they complete secondary education, study commerce-based subjects such as accountancy, business mathematics, business studies, economics, money and banking, taxation, finance, and computer applications.

If you wish to establish yourself as an entrepreneur or become the CEO of a reputed MNC, then selecting commerce stream would enable you to realize your goal. A good number of students, after clearing Std X, choose commerce as the ideal stream for pursuing higher education as this academic field furnishes them with a myriad of career choices. Once students pass the final higher secondary examination from an educational institution approved by a state or central board of education, they can continue to pursue higher studies in commerce.

Alternatively, H. S. (commerce) students can apply to different job positions both in the public and private sectors and continue with their studies. Nevertheless, students who wish to study commerce in high school should have an aptitude for it if they want to be successful. Students who apply to a high school or college for studying commerce at the higher secondary level have to study some compulsory subjects along with a few electives

Some of the compulsory subjects include accountancy, economics, business studies, commercial mathematics, money & banking, English and so on. On the other hand, the elective subjects usually are statistics, finance, business communication, and information practices. Commerce students are advised to earn their graduation degree (B. Com, BBA, BBM, and BMS) after completing 10+2/higher secondary education.

Once, the candidates become graduates they’ll be able to apply to entry-level positions in the areas of accounting, finance, banking, insurance, and so on. At the same time they can continue with higher studies via the online/distance education mode.

List of courses after class X

After successfully completing the secondary education, students have a range of options or alternatives, as far as pursuing higher studies is concerned. For instance, students can take admission in a high school affiliated to a state or central education board (AISSE, ISCE or any education board under a state government). Students who have cleared Std X, can apply for a course or program in the arts, science or commerce stream.

Alternatively, they can apply for a diploma course in a variety of fields like engineering or medical or study a vocational course.

Should you choose arts, science or commerce stream after Std X

Should I choose arts, science or commerce stream after completing my secondary education? Almost all students who have cleared their final Std X examination have to confront this dilemma. After all, this is the first time that secondary students have to take such a crucial decision as far as their future academic and professional careers are concerned.

Making a wrong decision could have an adverse impact on their continuing education, and eventually on their professional life. Therefore, you should very carefully consider which academic stream would be most suitable for you. You’d surely want to avoid taking a decision that you might regret throughout your life.

That said, students, once they’ve selected an academic stream should not change their course of study or stream midway. Switching streams halfway is very much like changing horses midstream-you may never reach your destination. In other words, if you switch from commerce stream to science or humanities, you may not be able to realize your cherished goals.

You can choose from commerce, science or humanities stream after you passed the final exam of STD X. Which stream you’ll finally opt for is a matter of individual preference. Nevertheless, irrespective of whatever stream you select, you’ll able to make the most of both job and higher education opportunities. In this respect, the commerce stream offers a plethora of career opportunities like financial consultant, chartered financial analyst, company secretary, chartered accountancy, and the like.

One-on-one Online Tuitions for Std. XI and XII Commerce Stream

Opportunities after choosing commerce stream

  • Economist

  • Risk management analyst

  • Strategist

  • Statistician

  • Insurance underwriter

  • Operations research analyst

  • Actuary

  • Chartered accountant

  • Company secretary

  • Tax consultant

  • Investment banker

  • Portfolio manager

  • Bank PO

  • Cost accountant

  • Management accountant

The main subjects in commerce stream

Class XI commerce subjects – Accountancy, Business Studies, English (mandatory); Statistics, Economics, Mathematics (optional/elective

Class XII commerce subjects – Accountancy, Business Studies, English (mandatory), Economics, Informatics Practices, and Mathematics (optional)

Benefits of opting for online tuitions for commerce stream students

Right from inception, internet brought about a radical change in the manner we interact and network as well as how we access and share information. Presently, it is not so much about how we harness technology for teaching but rather more about how we keep pace of the rapidly evolving dynamic software for promoting online education. Hence, it is crucial that teachers, academicians, and educators focus more on comprehending efficient pedagogical approaches instead of the technology per se for online instructions.

Following are some perceptible and conspicuous benefits of online tuition for commerce students:-

  • Personal attention – Online one-to-one tuitions as the terminology clearly indicates, orientate around a single student. With one-on-one commerce online tuition, the tutor interacts with only one student in sharp contrast to a classroom where many pupils receive instructions. The standardized setting of the classroom implies that teachers instruct at a slow pace so that every student can follow their teachings.

    Therefore, meritorious students who have a knack for imbibing the instructions better than their peers feel out of place while mediocre learners have a hard time comprehending the information. On the other hand, personalized online coaching deals with this problem effectively as the teacher can modify his or her pedagogy to suit the learner. The tutor showers total attention on the student, thereby enabling the latter to thoroughly understand the subject matter.

    The student gets full leeway in clearing doubts he or she may have about a specific subject-matter. To say the last but not the least, online person-to-person education results in improved learning outcomes, eventually leading to students performing better in the classroom.

  • Flexibility – One of the most conspicuous benefits of online tuition for class 12 commerce is that students have considerable flexibility with location and time. A student and a teacher can agree to a study schedule that is convenient to both parties. Learners can learn at a pace that is convenient to them and set their own study framework.

    Teachers can segment and fine-tune the interaction or teaching process in a manner that students can cope with. You can communicate with your online tutor and take lessons from any location that you find suitable. As a matter of fact, you can even study while you are commuting or travelling.

  • High quality of education – Another substantial advantage of web-based coaching that can make a huge difference to students (as far as their academic career is concerned) is the ready availability of experienced tutors. The majority of well-known online tutorials employ teachers, instructors, and mentors who can personalize the teaching and learning process according to the student’s capability level.

    When you register with an offline coaching center, you cannot choose who will teach you as there are prescribed teachers for every subject. But when you sign up with an online coaching site, you get to select from an assortment of instructors. So, it is obvious that when you the option of choosing from a motley collection of tutors, the teaching quality will be superior.

  • Round the clock/24/7 support – A school or college is open only for a limited time period. So, students have a limited window for settling their doubts and solving their problems. Of course, many teachers allow you to communicate via emails but this technique does not help much as it can be tedious to maintain a steady interaction through mails.

    This is where an online tutoring platform comes to the aid of students as the same provides round-the-clock support. Students can access the footages tutor uploads in the form of FAQs as well as go through earlier sessions that they may have missed. The learners also can take advantage of online interactions and messages.

    The pupils can comfortably access YouTube where the instructor might have created a channel.

  • Safe and secure – Nowadays you get to hear a lot about exploitation of students by teachers sexually or otherwise. Of course that does not imply that all teachers offering private tuitions should be under suspicion. The risk of exploitation is always there even when a learner is studying via the online mode. At least, suffering physical exploitation is minimal when it comes to online education. The parents can keep a strict watch while their children are logged in- a privilege they don’t have when the latter step out for visiting an offline coaching center.

  • Students can access advanced tools and techniques and of course tutors

  • Cost savings

The significance of best online tuition for class 12 commerce:

We have come a long way from the point in time when one had to dial-in from the landline for going online. Then came along GPRS (2G and 3G internet) that evolved into broadband internet i.e. fiber optics, 4G LTE, and imminent 5G. The e-commerce era has not only benefited the core sectors of the economy including banking, FMCG, hospitality but the academic field as well.

Nowadays, you simply need to type in the keyword pertaining to your area of interest, and Google displays several SERPs related to your search. Technology now allows studying and learning at any time of the day and night from anywhere. Long gone are the days when you had to report to a physical classroom on a regular basis for schooling.

Now, you can study from the comfort of your living room, complete and submit your assignments online without having to report to your school or college. There used to be a time when online coaching was relatively expensive as only a limited number of students used this niche segment. However with passage of time, online education has become widespread, thanks to rapid strides made in erudition management systems and technology.

It is estimated that the worldwide online learning industry was valued at a whopping US$ 81.50 billion and is expected to skyrocket to US$155 billion by 2020. The majority of educationists and academicians agree that online coaching can go a long way in enabling learners to turn the corner, especially in areas where they’re deficient. In the present times, a student can bank on a web-based tutor registered with a reputed online tutorial like Khan Academy, Udemy or Coursera for getting through.

If you sign up with a recognized and approved online coaching portal, you’ll be able to complete your course or program confidently. Because when you study online, you make the most of flexibility with regards to time and location, web-based sources, information sharing, and so on. Rounding up, online edification opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities for school, college, and university students which in turn help them to complete their education successfully.

Considerations for choosing an experienced and reputed service provider

Are you a commerce student studying in class XI or XII and feel that you could do with some assistance in economics, accountancy or business maths? You can bet that you’ve nothing to lose but everything to gain by opting for online tuitions. But how do you know and decide which tutorial site would be suitable for you?

There are umpteen tutorials competing with each other for figuring on the first SERP (search engine results page) of Google. The sheer number of URL links on Google’s results pages could leave you in a fix as to which links you should click on. If you want to choose a tutorial and thereby a tutor that is to your liking then follow one rule of thumb.

Always click on the first 5-6 links on the first results page after you type in the keywords ‘best online tuition’ or ‘online tuition sites’. The sites appearing on the upper half of the results page have garnered the top ranks (ranked by Google’s ranking algorithms) and hence the most sought after. Once you’ve clicked on the URLs and checked out the tutorials, use the following criterions for reviewing them:-

  • Realize how exactly can a particular tutorial help you

    It is quite likely that majority of service providers might be offering tuitions for almost all commerce subjects. But if you’re like most other students, there’s a good likelihood that you may need assistance in only a few subjects. So, you should focus on checking out and reviewing only those sites that specialize in providing instructions in subjects in which you need help.

    If you’re more interested in studying economics and commercial mathematics compared to accountancy, chances are that you’ll hugely benefit by taking home tuitions in the latter. You can also discuss with your close friends and school teachers about reputed online tutorial sites and request them for suggestions.

  • Check the sites’ services and contact them

  • After you’ve made up your mind on the subject or subject in which you need assistance, make a list of 5-6 recognize online tutorials. Go through their sites carefully and contact each for details about suitable tutors. If the sites have a physical address or office, visit the place in person. Request the service provider to offer you names and contact numbers of some students who are already registered with the tutorial.

  • Select a tutorial and go through their curriculum in detail

    After you’ve narrowed down your prospective service providers to 2-3, try to identify the one who’ll be able to provide you bespoke service in online classes for 12th commerce. Check out if the service provider has any trial offer. Request your parent to contact the tutor, and start taking tuitions.

Best Online Tuition for Commerce

India boasts some of the best commerce tutors in the world. The commerce stream in our country is one of the most popular among aspiring students and they search for online commerce tuition near me to ace the exams.

There is no denial that commerce stream has a lot of scope and offers many different possibilities in terms of the future. The stream's impressive reputation means that students all over the country are trying to compete against each other, therefore looking for best commerce tuition tutors to get a grip of the most intricate topics of Economics, Accountancy, etc.

But is it easy to beat this level of competition without any external help? Is the rising popularity of commerce tuition classes an indication of the subject's difficulty? We'll try to come up with fact-backed answers in our article.

The Rise of Online Classes Commerce Tuition

Before we get any further, we need to talk about online tuition for commerce as well. When learners speak about lessons nowadays, they are often referring to the online mode of classes. Physical classes are outdated, obsolete, and have many disadvantages compared to their online counterparts.

Some of the demerits of offline commerce tuition classes are:

  • It is more expensive than online classes while offering the same quality of education.

  • Students waste a lot of time, money, and energy to commute from their homes to their commerce tuition centre.

  • Students do not get personalized attention from tutors.

  • It becomes difficult for children to stick to a rigorous schedule.

  • Parents are unable to track the progress of their children.

These were some of the significant challenges that both the students and parents faced when only physical classes existed. However, things started to look up as soon as online tuition classes came into the picture.

Is Online Commerce Tuition Important?

Are you tired of searching 'commerce tuition near me' on your mobile browsers? As we talked about in the previous section, offline classes are outdated and ineffective.

But the question remains – should a student pursue online classes for commerce class 12 and online classes for commerce class 11?

Commerce is not an easy stream in any manner. It has intricate and conceptual subjects like Business Studies, Mathematics, Economics, Corporate Law, Financial Accounting, and much more. If a child struggles with any of these subjects, they need to find good commerce tuition online.

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