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Both Class 11 and Class 12 play an important role in every student’s life. Among various subjects, Maths is one of the common subjects studied by most of the students. During these academic years, the mathematics principles learned are applied in a broader way. Thus having a clear understanding of all the maths concepts studied in these classes is important and for the same taking online tuition is the best way. Taking online classes from the maths tutor can help students gain momentum for the upcoming years and can help them perform well at higher levels. With the help of one-to-one digital classes, students can enjoy numerous benefits of online tutoring from their home only.

Before going further, let’s quickly understand the significance of maths as a subject.

Importance of Maths

Maths plays an important role in improving our reasoning skills along with improving our communication skills to a much greater extent. The more we solve mathematical questions, the better problem-solving skills will be. We all apply some or other mathematical skills in our day to day life, from doing easy calculations to solving lengthy questions, different mathematical concepts are applied everywhere.

Why do some students face problems while studying Maths?

Students who are not good in Maths often find it difficult to understand the concepts. They face problems related to concepts, important formulas, algorithms, etc. All these things make students start losing their confidence level, which further keeps them away from Maths. The concepts if not explained on time can become difficult to overcome over the long run. Besides students, parents also feel stressed out with Maths and look for the ways which help their children come out from maths fear. A good tuition teacher offering online home tuition helps students overcome their fear of Maths with innovative and more interesting ways to learn.

Learning Maths improves your skills

Creative and problem solving abilities play a crucial role in improving students’ performance in the exam. When students solve a mathematical problem, compile some data, break it down into steps, they can easily apply mathematical concepts in different ways. If we can get an understanding of maths and can apply the same in different ways, we can get prepared to solve more complex real difficulties.

Real-world applications

Students' detailed study in mathematics can assist them solve real-world problems in a more systematic manner. Solving questions in online tuition classes related to percentages, interest rates, etc. are closely linked to understanding mathematics basics, the more you understand the topics, the better it will be for you. No matter which profession a student opted for after completing his/her schooling, the mathematical concepts learned in school will be beneficial throughout their life. In short, as a student or learner, you can escape math and the subject will be beneficial throughout your career.

Maths is an universal language

Your detailed study in mathematics will prove beneficial in solving real-world problems with ease. Maths is the “universal language,” and this single language is universally accepted, meaning nowhere you go on the Earth, the mathematical concepts remain the same. The simple calculation of 1+1=2 is the same throughout the world.

Ziyyara – Your one-stop solution for online classes

At Ziyyara we completely understand the importance of today’s situation and why it is important to get quality learning. Quality learning plays a crucial role in contributing to students’ overall academic development and lets them stay focused.

We provide realistic and focused online tutors who provide complete academic assistance meeting the needs of all children. With continuous practice, students can get relief on the academic front and can stay motivated while studying during online tuition.

Our Tutors

We have verified, qualified, and highly educated home tutors who provide online classes from home. No matter wherever you are located, you can get the best assistance from our tutors. Even while studying maths in school, children require extra attention to get a competitive edge. By opting for online learning, students can get personalised attention which is tailored as per their needs and requirements. Some subjects similar to maths need extra customisation so that students can explore their creativity to the fullest.

Selection of Tutor

Our selection criteria consist of tutors’ subject knowledge, total years of experience they have, etc. while selecting the most desired tutors for the students. So you can enroll at our platform with confidence without worrying about anything. Our tutors look for more innovative ways in making maths an interesting subject rather than making it a bit boring. Although many sudents don’t admit the fact that maths is a fun learning subject. Even the boring, repetitive, and difficult concepts can be made easy to understand just by applying smart ticks.

The online education for maths offered at Ziyyara includes pictorial presentation and interactive activities encouraging all learners to give their best. Instead of staying away from maths, students get more inclined towards this subject if explained in an interesting way.

Quality is something we never compromise in any of our classes. We do a complete analysis and academic check of tutors before appointing them at our platform. Our tutors have years of experience and leave no option left when it's about making students concepts clear. The purpose of using smart whiteboard classes is to present information in a pictorial way.

Other subjects than Maths

We offer one-to-one home tuition for various subjects including Physics, Chemistry, SST, English, Accounts, Business Studies among many other subjects. We educate children studying different course curriculums including CBSE, IB, among many other state boards to have a great career ahead.

To master subjects like Maths, a complete dedication and systematic approach is required. One just can’t learn and memorise the facts and important concepts in just a few hours, rather students need to follow a systematic approach to understand subjects like maths. This is where online home tuition comes into picture as it offers proper teaching to all students, which eventually helps them develop mathematical proficiency. Students enrolled at Ziyyara can get a better grasp of difficult maths concepts and can easily solve different styles of questions, no matter how difficult it is.

So all the students studying in higher classes can get the best online tutoring services from their home by enrolling with us. Register at Ziyyara and book a free DEMO class right away!!

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