How to Manage Depression in Children?

Written by Ziyyara 29-01-2021

Depression caused more death per year than war, cancer and death combined. Depression, especially among children, needs to be taken seriously. Most of the depression is caused by genetic factors, with less than 30% caused by the environment.

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What are algebra formulas and how to use these?

Written by Ziyyara 12-01-2021

Algebra is considered as a division of Maths which compacts with relations, operations and their constructions. It is considered as the best building wedges of maths and is used in a variety of applications in our routine life. In addition to importance as a main subject in our schools,

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Learning English in Saudi Arabia

Written by Ziyyara 10-01-2021

English is the common language spoken worldwide. It is a very essential language.
English is taught in most of the places to non-English native as a second language.
Without this language, countries will not compete world-wide, without English countries will not innovate, and can never think of growing in life.

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Saudi Arabia First Year University Student

Written by Ziyyara 07-01-2020

Arabic is considered to be the official language of Saudi Arabia. It is a language that is taught to students in junior classes and it is also a language which our ancestors used to speak. It is also considered the language of a holy book and the language of the Quran.

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Why is national science day celebrated?

Written by Ziyyara 03-01-2021

National Science Day in India is celebrated on 28th February every year. It was on this day that Dr. C.V. Raman, one of the preeminent Indian researchers uncovered the "Raman Effect" and won a Nobel Prize for the same. On this day, every year, Indians all over the globe recall the extraordinary researchers and hail the contributions made by him.

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