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The Right Way to Write

There is no wrong way to write. Writing is a magic that can document worlds, create outside worlds, and even understand the inside world. It is an expression and communication, time travelled, and the time captured.

Whether you are writing news articles for the press or simply for yourself in a journal, whether you are documenting the world around you, writing about the world within you, or creating a new world outside of you, writing is a powerful tool that can inspire and communicate ideas, open minds, and take us on extraordinary journeys, and it can help us understand the world and people around us as well as ourselves.

So, no matter how you write or what you write, here at Ziyyara, the first rule to writing is that there is no wrong way to write. Just write from the centre of your heart and with all your efforts and you will automatically see results in your work.

Of course, there is always room for improvement. So, if you’ve come to this article hoping for some tips, you’ll not be disappointed. We’ve put together some advice that might help in your writing endeavours.

Shall we begin?

Think about content, what you are trying to say

Content is what your writing is made up of. If you take a moment to consider what sort of content you intend to submit, it helps to direct your effort in the right way in creating a more organized and coherent piece. Consider what you are writing about. Think about all the aspects you want to mention and the angles and approaches you wish to present in them. Take notes, make lists, and organize your ideas and information clearly to communicate it in a resonating way with your reader.

Think about context, who you are saying it to

When writing, consider the audience you are writing for. This will allow you to decide better on what content to include and what approach to take. Writing for children, for example, will have a very different content and angle than writing for a newspaper. The same goes for blogs, where its ability to showcase informal and unique perspectives that (we hope) resonates with the reader is its strength.

Structure your writing according to your intended audience. Who you are speaking to is often as important as what you are saying. The correct format and structure varies according to what platform, newspaper, magazine you are writing for. After all, a newspaper article would be very different from an article on Wordpress.

If you are considering a career in writing but are unsure where to write, think about the style, approach, and topics you want to be writing about. Are they fictional stories of factual accounts? Is it long form or short pieces? Is it formal or informal? Newspapers often expect formal articles that adhere to stricter guidelines whereas blogs allow more creative freedom (and personal opinions). It helps to note that there are many magazines online and in print that take submissions for various genres of stories.

Do your research, understand the topic you are writing about

When you’ve decided what to write about and who you are writing to, putting in the time and doing your research properly is a great way to give your writing depth and clarity.

In fact, here at Ziyyara we can’t think of any situation where research has not helped in writing. Research comes in the form of understanding your audience as well as the subject you are covering. It allows you to write exactly what your audience wants to read, it allows your pieces to be complex and real, articulate and intelligent, no matter what topic or audience you are covering.

At Ziyyara we wholeheartedly agree with Steve Jobs idea that ‘details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right’. You can take our word that no matter what topic, a well-researched effort is one significant step towards exceptional writing.

Write from the centre of your heart because it means something to you

Let us tell you a simple but powerful secret to exceptional writing: Write from the center of your heart, write from the depth of your emotion; it is a place that taps into something deeply human.

When you write from the center of your heart you capture something which (often) resonates with your audience because it has resonated with you. When you write from the center of your heart about subjects that you are passionate about, this will translate, communicate and resonate with readers. This has the power to communicate ideas, open minds and incite positive change.

At Ziyyara, we are passionate about improving your writing skills and we hope that you have found some helpful advice which you can implement in your next writing session.

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