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What do you do when you wonder about the world? When you have a question nobody has the answer to? What happens when as a student you don’t understand an aspect of the subject, but the classroom teacher must keep the pace of the learning schedule, and suddenly you are left behind and unable to catch up on the subject deadlines and the study criteria? When you miss a step and suddenly you are so many steps behind? When it comes to studies we all have our strengths and weaknesses, you might be good at maths and science but weaker in english or chemistry. This is normal, it is human. Maybe you understand the biology of the process of the digestive system but need help understanding DNA and genetics? Maybe algebra is your strong point but understanding algorithms is beyond you. Ziyyara brings you access to one on one, real time discussions and explanations from experts in the subjects that you need, for the duration that you need it for.

Let us help you not miss a step in the journey of your education and understanding.

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