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Multiple questions in an exam could be intimidating. Practice is a key to mastering it and at Ziyyara, one on one education will make sure you take plenty of it so that you can ace the multiple question exam.

Most exams have multiple questions, not only in school but also when you appear for other exams in future. In most universities, there’s a multiple question exam where the subject comes with multiple choices.

Ziyyara believes that you need to know some tricks to come up with the correct answer.

Preparation is the most important of all. Anything with proper preparation will make your life easy. This is not only applicable for multiple choice exams but also in day to day life. Ziyyara will make sure the student is ready to attempt all kinds of multiple choice bombardments.

Read and understand the question property, then read all the choices thoroughly which are available. Do not rush even though you are initially sure with the answer. The question is the most important clue, and every word count, even a simple ‘no’ in the question can change the whole meaning of the sentence.

Carelessness is one of the factors because of which the students fail to clear the multiple-choice exam.

They answer too quickly, and sometimes even skip the question without paying attention. They don't give enough time to read the entire question and the various choices.

Timing is also a factor. Students tend to rush through the multiple choice thinking that it is not as important, and is easy or it might not have enough marks to pass the exam. This is where they lack.

Some exams are only multiple choice, and some are where the percentage could go up to 20 - 30 %. Multiple choice questions are equally important, as it completely depends on the exam whether you pass or fail in that specific subject. You might clear the exam successfully by scoring an A grade or even fail with a D grade. This completely depends on how you perform. That is why at Ziyyara, we advise our students to focus on every word, as each word is important.

There are some important things that you should always look for in a question. You must have observed that there are some choices which might have the following keywords as one of the correct choices i.e. which is not, all the answers are true, all the answers are wrong, or multiple answers are true, all the following are true except.

Each choice is equally important because you never know which might be the correct answer among them.

Make sure you read each one of them and eliminate which you think is not correct. If you study seriously and pay attention, the wrong answer will be easily identified. Multiple questions is a mind game to make sure you play it correctly and remember to always keep calm. This comes only by practice and answering multiple past exam papers. If you don't have such a paper, ask your friends, your lecturer, check in the library and still if you don’t find a solution, Ziyyara will always be there to help.

If you eliminate all the wrong possibilities and are still not sure which remaining answer is correct, go back to the question, think like the teacher, or like the examiner. Sometimes you will have to guess, and there is no harm in guessing, as we all do that all the time. However, make sure you think of all the alternatives thoroughly.

While attempting some questions, you will completely have no clue. And in this case, you might get confused. But we strongly believe there will be no question out of the curriculum. If you are well prepared, you won’t be facing such a situation. Sometimes it is okay to guess one answer, but this is not applicable for all the questions.

If you guess everything then definitely you are not prepared, and you might have failed to study, and you even failed to practice past papers.

Tuition also plays a major role in multiple choice. If you must guess for your first answer, usually the brain tends to remember something that makes sense. Doubt usually comes later, after more thinking, so go with initial online tuition. Pick something which is familiar to you, if not familiar then most likely it is wrong.

Also, you can skip the questions that you are not sure about.

If you have time you can always go back after answering all the questions, and don't waste much time while answering questions.

For one multiple question, 1-3 minutes are considered enough. Circle the question which you did not answer so that later you can attempt that if you have time left.

Knowing the wrong answer is an advantage, so play it wisely and the correct answer will be easy to define. Most of the questions in multiple choice exams are repeated or just rephrased.

Ziyyara believes that getting familiar with similar tests in the past is the key to crack. Ziyyara believes 30 - 70% of the question is repeated, so don't make the mistake of only checking the last three years past paper. Dig dip, go back to the past 10 years if possible. Subjects are the same, the curriculum doesn't change much.

Ziyyara believes multiple choice exams are easy and are the easiest part of the exam.

If you cannot ace this section, you will find difficulty in other sections which are much harder. Ziyyara believes that you need to have a strategy, and you need to approach the multiple questions correctly. Your mind must be ready, and you can also reach what seems to be impossible.

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