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What is the importance of statistics? Just numbers floating around in the black board with no meaning in day to day life.

What is the use of statistics, will I ever use it, will my employer really care if I did statistics when I was seventeen, or will statistics come up as a question in my job interview? I think it is just a waste of time.

We totally agree with you. The answer behind this is yet to be found. I am sure your parents also know nothing about statistics. You can ask them, and you will definitely be disappointed to know the truth.

They will definitely say, yes we did when we were of your age, but remember nothing about it. So, what is the point if you don't remember anything about statistics?

I don't like numbers, why should I like numbers just for the sake of liking numbers and liking statistics. I like art, I like music, I like partying, I like hanging out with my friends doing absolutely nothing, statistics is just not me, period.

What is the risk of a tree falling on me while jogging? Why will anyone think of such a question which sounds so illogical. It’s just that I want to clear the statistics exam and get on with my life.

You are wrong my friend; statistics plays an important role in your day to day life without you noticing it. What you usually refer to as probability is very important, maybe the reason you don't like is only simple miscommunication and misunderstanding.

No one ever explains to you the point behind it. At Ziyyara online tuition will change that, will make you love statistics, and will make it a part of your day to day life.

We know statistics plays a major role in your DNA, gene, playing the lottery, gambling your life savings, choosing a career, making decisions such as where to live, who to marry, or even stay single. Statistics can help define disease such as cancer, diabetics, and even COVID. Statistics are everywhere from presidential run, to election, to the simple things such as where to go on holiday. However statistics has a repetition of being interested and unpracticable. We at Ziyyara are trying to change that and statistics hopefully will make you look at life differently.

The point of Ziyyara online tuition is to make statistics fun for you, will make statistics more intuitive, and more accessible, for you who are forced to study it with others in the boring classroom with even boring lecturers.

Ziyyara will make statistics extraordinary, and we promise you that you will start loving this subject.

You will thank Ziyyara afterward and you might even consider statistics as a great career rather than a burden in 12 grade.

You don't need much to make statistics accessible and fun. All you need is a computer and an excel spreadsheet with some data. The future lies in what to do with big data, what to do with statistics. It is not just numbers, it is what is hidden behind the number.

Statistics is the art of mathematics. Statistics is a weapon when used correctly and fatal when used incorrectly. We are bombarded day to day with numbers from jobless numbers to inflation to the number of deaths from a specific disease, but they are just numbers.

However, analyzing these numbers can unlock hidden information and that is the beauty of statistics. If you want to understand the number beyond the news, and the growing number of data such as Facebook ads, number of followers, how to be an influencer, advertisement cost and effect definitely you need to understand statistics. Once you start taking one on one sessions, Ziyyara online tuition will change your perspective on statistics.

Students always complain about statistics.

Outside the classroom they will talk about the odds of Liverpool or Real Madrid winning the Champion League, and they will talk about the chance of them being popular and befriend the prettiest girl in class.

This is what statistics is all about. We have been using this everyday, and in every situation, without paying attention to it or observing it. It is actually very strange that we can be excited and jump around when talking about football score or the weather prediction. However, when the lecture talks about the Gini index which is a part of the economy, we get lost and don't pay attention to it.

Ziyyara believes that we are lacking between theory and day to day life. Ziyyara is planning to change that.

At Ziyyara online tuition we have a statistics teacher who understands the subjects, who understands the impact of statistics on day to day life, who comes from various backgrounds from big data analyst to expert in how to manipulate or even lie using statistics. Trust us, you will fall in love with statistics.

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