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Oh no, exams are approaching and I haven’t been paying attention to any of my online tuition classes! How many times has something like this happened to you?

Exam stress is something that students cannot seem to get rid of, no matter what they do. It’s like when you’re trying to sleep with a mosquito buzzing in your ear. The fear never goes away, and that hampers the student’s ability to prepare well. If you remain stressed about exams, no amount of online tutoring could help you.

That’s right, exam stress is virtually affecting our grades. It’s funny how people think of exam stress as something normal and trivial. But you, as a student, should know better. Your online home tuition sessions would be more beneficial if you get rid of that fear of examinations. So how do we do that? Let’s find out together!

6 Tips for Students to Overcome Exam Fear and Stress

It’s not the exams that we hate, but the fear that accompanies them. Even if your online learning sessions have been great, you might still be afraid of failing. In such a situation, the psychological framework of a student does not allow them to study well. So if you’re a regular prey to exam stress, you need to find a solution to help improve your grades.

And that’s why we have come up with these 10 tips to help you get rid of your fear of exams. You can implement these while pursuing your online education to get the optimum results.

1.Target Realistic Objectives:

While taking online tuition classes, students must always set certain targets and goals to avoid procrastination. But this often results in increased stress and anxiety. Why is that? Because students don’t set realistic targets.

If your objective is to complete one lesson in a day, it won't work. The failure will make you think that your exams would go terribly. Over time, you will lose confidence and the quality of your online tutoring will deteriorate.

But, hey, don't worry – there is a solution for this. All you need to do is set achievable goals. You can take help from your parents or your teachers during your online tuition sessions.

2. Manage Time Properly:

Another situation where you might encounter exam fear is when you think you don't have enough time to prepare. In this case, every passing day would increase the fear, rendering students incapable of preparing intelligently. This is why time management is important.

Students need to create an effective timetable. The schedule should accommodate their lesson plans, online tuition classes, playing time, relaxing time, and so on. Sticking to a timetable like this would prevent procrastination and reduce anxiety.

3. Have a Clear Mindset:

While online learning is important, it cannot teach you everything. Sometimes, students would need to do things on their own. One of these things is to prepare with a positive mindset. Students need to understand that they have their whole lives ahead of them. Ten years from now, worrying about a simple exam would seem ridiculous.

Paving their path with such a mindset would improve the results and efficiency of their online tuition classes.

4. Don’t be Harsh on Yourself:

While preparing for exams, students are often too hard on themselves. Just think about it. Have you never criticized yourself too harshly if you slept through an important online home tuition class? Externally, criticizing yourself might sound good for productivity.

But it can have a reverse effect as well. Criticizing too much would destroy your confidence and compel you to put yourself under intense scrutiny. Being kind to yourself, especially during exams, will do more good instead.

Online education will help you overcome these problems in the following ways.

5. Start Exercising:

We know, we know – you already don’t have the time to prepare, how will you devote an hour to exercising? But try to push in an hour of light exercises before the first online tuition class of your day. It’ll help your brain become more alert and active during the classes. It’ll also reduce stress and anxiety.

There are tons of advantages of exercising, and it could prove to be more effective than any online tutoring session.

6. Take Regular Breaks, Reward Yourself:

You’ve been attending online tuition classes for six hours, what would you do when you get your coveted break? Students suffering from exam anxiety would often start studying without taking any rest.

While this may sound impressive, it is counterproductive. Students should always take regular breaks, relax, and do their favorite activities between studying. Something as simple as a little bit of leisure reading between online tuition classes could help tremendously.

The Role of Tutors in Decreasing Exam Stress

We've already given you a handful of tips that you could follow to overcome the exam anxiety. But what if the reason behind your fear of exams is not in your hands? Sometimes, a bad tutor may instill a deep fear of studying in the minds of the students.

We know that online tutoring should help a student's confidence, not destroy it. But some tutors are too keen to criticize a student. A routine like this is bad for a student's confidence and ultimately affects their grades. For that reason, students must find a productive, comfort-inducing tuition platform. But does such perfect online tuition even exists? And if it does, how could students find it?

It’s simple – we’re here to help you!

We, at Ziyyara, offer efficient online tuition classes to all ambitious students with a mind for knowledge. Apart from following a result-oriented approach, we believe in providing our students with a safe learning environment. Our tutors don’t endorse high-pressure environments where a student would feel unconfident. This approach of ours improves the efficiency of online learning, and our students achieve remarkably good academic results.

So what makes Ziyyara stand out from the rest of the crowd? Let’s find out.

● Students can choose their tutors from our list of subject experts associated with us.

● Our fee structure is reasonable as we want to uphold everyone’s right to education.

● Our online tuition classes are flexible to accommodate the needs of diverse students.

● We remain in constant touch with the guardians of our students to help them track their child’s progress.

● Our online tutoring methods display positive results, with students scoring well in their exams.

● We tackle exam stress and anxiety by providing a comfortable environment for the students.

● Students can take demo classes to check their compatibility with our tutors.


Exam stress is something that people don’t talk about enough. The fear of sitting and writing an exam causes students to perform worse than they would normally do. As such, ambitious

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