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6 Simple Steps that will help you tackle your next project like a boss

Heart palpitations, sleepless nights, early mornings. We’ve all been there; the anxiety; the tremor of uncertainty because it requires new understanding and new ideas. The familiar excitement alongside a nagging worry when it comes to starting a new and complicated project.

Feeling overwhelmed at times is our biological human response to stress which has helped us overcome dangers since the days of our ancestors.

The feeling that everything will be a nightmare in the end can be overwhelming. But you control the dream, and it doesn’t need to be a nightmare, if you just tackled the project logically and took it step by step, one step at a time.

While feeling overwhelmed is normal, knowing how to handle yourself in stressful situations is smart.

Here are a few tips on how to get started…

1. Start from the beginning

Learn the foundations of what you are tackling first. Make a plan and start from the beginning; taking the steps to learn what you don’t understand first so you can better understand every step of the way later.

Start from the first step. You can’t learn to run before you know how to walk. You can’t learn to speak sentences without learning words first. So learn the words of your project first; the underlying foundations, the correct terminology, the context. Understand this new world as best you can so you can tackle the task from a place of insight and intellect. This will help you with the next point..

2. Attention to detail

It is the difference between mediocre and marvelous work. Immerse yourself fully in the project to truly forget everything outside of it for a moment. This will allow you to understand the topic better and work more efficiently. It will allow you to fine tune the outcome with immaculate precision and perfection. Attention to detail will take your work to the next level. So take the time to attend to the minute details of your project, and prepare to produce something amazing. Which brings us to our next point..

3. Remember the goal

Tackling any project required a certain amount of dedication. It’s easy to lose sight of the goal. When diving deep into the details of the project you risk losing sight of the bigger picture.

When you’ve dived in and all you see now are the little details and frustrations every small step of the way in a seemingly forever journey. It helps if you create a vision board where you can see your goal. Think outward. Remember to see the bigger picture and visualise the desired outcome as you go about your process.

4. Forget everything else

Sometimes to say yes to one thing (your project) means to say no to something else (that family gathering, that meeting with friends). We are not saying forget life outside your project completely, we are just saying that magic happens when your time correctly and efficiently.

When it comes to pursuing your dreams, the trick is to be a little selfish and not let anything else get in your way. The trick is to be so absorbed in your work you are able to ignore everything else. Focus is everything my friends.

Schedule some time aside for you to focus solely on your project. Put away your phones, switch off your televisions. Isolate yourself from any possible distractions.

So remember your priorities. It is important for your schedule to allow some time aside that is just for you to do what you need to do, undistracted.

5. Develop a healthy routine

We can’t work our best when stressed. It is important to maintain a healthy routine. So remember stay hydrated, get your 7-8 hours sleep, yoga, karate, whatever you do that keeps you healthy and happy.

Did you know that your brain is about 75% water? Amongst a long list of benefits we won’t get into here, keeping hydrated helps you stay focused and think faster.

Commit to the healthy habit of staying hydrated; drink less carbonated sugar drinks, might we dare to ask you to drink less coffee too, incorporate the habit of simply drinking more water in your day and we promise you will feel a world of difference.

Which brings us to the next point…

6. Don’t overstress

An unhealthy routine can lead to over exertion and burnout. It is easy to become overwhelmed any step of the way. But there are plenty of ways to calm down if you do feel stressed; taking slow, deep breaths, for example lowers the heart rate; increasing oxygen to our lungs. It is an excellent way to decrease your stress.

If you want to be your absolute best, remember to stay cool and calm when tackling your project.

So there you have it; a few steps you can remember when facing your next project. We wish you all the best on your future endeavors.

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