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    Discussing the importance of education is nothing new and most of us are aware of how important education is in one’s life. It is due to education that I am able to write this blog and you are able to read it. Educating someone is the noblest thing you can do for the betterment of that person.

    Education is not just transferring bookish knowledge to others but imparting useful skills to unskilled people is also education in one sense. When you teach someone a skill that can help them develop into a better person, you not just improve their life but yours as well.

    Many great men and scholars have compared life to a school. And why do you think they’d have done so? Because nothing is as important as learning. This is precisely what education does to us. Let us see some facts that support the importance of education.

    1. Importance of Education in character building of a person

    A good character however is a natural trait, but education highly influences our character both personally and socially. Education broadens your mind and you get a clearer perspective of facts. This helps you judge situations in a better way and you build upon your character. If a person is educated, they will behave themselves socially even if they don’t approve of something. So, education plays an important role in building one’s character.

    2. Gender Equality

    There is no doubt that education has played an important role in changing the lives of girls all around the globe. When boys and girls are given equal opportunities to learn and study, it leads to women empowerment and upliftment of the society. Educated parents are also able to raise sensible children and can become better guides for their children’s future. When the woman of the family is educated, she can handle many things efficiently and can manage her responsibilities without limitations.

    3. Women Empowerment:

    Lack of education often resulted in humiliation and mistreatment of women in the society despite all the hard work they put in to build a family. Exposure to education has given a lot of confidence to women to voice their opinions, to become financially sufficient, to be well-read and well-aware and hold important positions in the revenue generating sectors of the society.

    4. Upliftment of commerce and trade

    Importance of education is reflected from people’s behaviour and those who are educated can open new avenues to generate income from innovative ideas. Educated people can explore new areas of trade and commerce and can uplift the economic standards of the society.

    5. Prevention of terrorism and misguidance

    Young minds that are uneducated can be brain-washed easily. Also, young people who are uneducated find it difficult to earn money and are easily lured by con people who wish to serve their selfish motives through these innocent people. When the young minds are educated and shown the right direction, they realise their purpose in life and they grow up into sensible human beings who can make correct decisions for them and their families.

    6. Importance of education in good governance

    It is obvious that when educated people hold important posts in economy and politics, critical decisions will be made on the basis of right scrutiny and judgement. Such decisions will be made after looking at the broader perspective of the scenario. And they will be in favour of the welfare of the society in the long run.

    7. Alleviation of economically backward strata of society

    You might have seen your house-helps or 4th class workers working extra just to educate their children well. Why do you think they do so? Because by living a life of poverty they have realised that lack of education is the only reason for their sorry situation. They assert on providing their children the best possible education because they understand the importance of education in one’s life.

    8. Enhancement of skills and knowledge

    Unskilled labour may be cheaper but it can cost a lot of damage in the long run as an unskilled labourer might need a lot of time to gain experience and become the master of any skill. Whereas, if a person is educated in any skill, they might be more adept in putting their knowledge into action.

    Experience is indeed necessary to gain expertise but proper education will aid in managing things in an organised manner and developing professionalism. An educated craftsman won’t be fooled by marketing agendas of business people and will know how to deal with con people. They will know how to sell their skills without falling prey to commercialisation.

    9. Development in the field of science and innovations

    If young minds are nurtured and allowed to learn in an intellectual environment, a country can produce many scientists, engineers and innovators. Better education and facilities can allow many young and sharp minds to become scientists and engineers. The country will make great progress in the field of science and innovation.

    All these points truly validate the importance of education in one’s life. Due to this pandemic students and tutors have shown immense enthusiasm in adopting online educational platforms especially Ziyyara Edutech, which offers a need based one-on-one online tuition. Education is an important factor not only individually but for the society as well. If the youth of a country is educated, the future of that country becomes brighter.

    Many problems like poverty, unemployment and lack of skills can be eliminated by educating young children.

    Many young children resort to terrorism due to lack of education and employment. These young minds are easy to cajole as they don’t have any exposure to the outer world. They don’t understand the world scenario because of being uneducated. They easily fall prey to powerful people who wish to damage society.

    A considerable amount of resources and capital should be invested in arranging schools and institutes for providing primary education for every child in the country. Government of every country should ensure that all children receive at least primary education until the age of 15.To produce more skilled people, vocational courses should be implemented and employment should be ensured for these skilled people.

    Every country has its own handicraft, cultural cuisines and art. But due to lack of education, artisans are not able to exhibit their art and turn it into a proper profession. Most of the time, they are paid much lower than what they deserve. Proper and better education can help to develop these local talents and help them connect to the global market.

    Education aids trades between distant countries and exchange of goods and skills from one place to another. Education covers barriers between countries and curbs the inhibitions of race, caste and creed. Many countries also struggle with orthodoxy, superstitions and unethical practices which lead to poor structure of the society and under-developed status. Good education can ensure the elimination of such malpractices and can pave the path for development and upliftment of the country and the society.

    When the men and women are treated equally in any society, many issues like unequal pay scale, disbalanced division of labour, discrimination and molestation can be eradicated easily. Present world scenario is setting examples on how women are proving themselves in every field that was earlier considered male-dominant. Even educated and open-minded men are being applauded for supporting their female counterparts in every way possible and letting the world know that apart from anatomy, there is no difference between a girl and a boy. These points clearly depict that importance of education plays a great role in shaping one’s character and eventually their future.

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