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It is no doubt that the world has changed; the evolution of the internet has ushered us into an age where we are able to receive quantimous amounts of information. We receive more information in a single day in a newspaper than our ancestors would receive in their entire lifetime, and when we put the World Wide Web and all of its potential into the equation, then our access to information and it’s possibilities becomes absolutely infinite.

Today, at our current pace there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each but that pace is only accelerating with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The internet and the use of social media in all of its glory has made broadcasters out of all of us, and we can broadcast absolutely anything, from facts about the world to what we had for breakfast this morning. And while we are so lucky to have easy access to the sea of information about almost everything we want to find out about, from the mechanisms of an airplane to the intricate anatomy of the butterfly, from Descartes’ infamous philosophy (I think therefore I am), and then the counter arguments against those thoughts (I am, with or without thought, and the space before thinking). We can learn absolutely anything online, but how do we know if what we are learning is correct?

Ziyyara can help you with that.

The internet is absolutely incredible in its ability to answer so many of our questions and to provide us with answers we never even had the questions for.

Ziyyara recognizes the pros and cons of the blessing that is the internet.

We understand that within the quantimous amounts of information we receive comes the realization that we do not have the time to sift through it all. We realize that for every point of view online there is an opposing view. When we turn to the internet to make up our minds it is not surprising that we may become confused and more lost than when our journey began.

The information we need is all there, there is no doubt about it. What we need to do is sift through it, but we don’t have enough time to sift through it all, that’s the problem. What we need to do is be smart about it. In an era of information, critical thinking becomes a key skill to acquire.

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