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Summer vacations are much awaited by children because they get a break from their everyday school-going routine. During these summer vacations, the children indulge in a wide range of activities, laze around and even are sometimes tough to handle for the parents. Summer break is a time when the routine of the children as well as parents go for a toss.

Summer break can help students rejuvenate themselves because they have little to be stressed about- no exams, no everyday homework and no preparing for school the next day; just a little holiday homework that too not very tough and most children finish off this work in the beginning of their holidays so that they are free for the rest of their break.

Some children however waste their time during the summer vacations which must be avoided. It is essential for the children to stay indulged in activities of their interest so that their cognitive functioning is not affected in any manner. As parents and children, there are a few things you should know about summer vacation holidays:

  1. Health must not be compromised in any manner

    Summer is a time when temperatures soar and the winds that blow often lead to heat-strokes. In addition, there are several health issues that children may face during the summers. It is therefore essential to ensure that the health of the children is taken care of. Healthy food, enough water and less exposure to sun must be top priority for parents as well as children. Parents must make sure that the children play outdoors preferably after 5 in the evening and stay hydrated. Children must also not stay lazy and in bed the whole day. In fact, many indoor activities are now offered to children during summer vacations that are a great way of staying physically fit. Exercising to stay physically fit can help children to improve their stamina which decreases because of continuous hours of study.

  2. Learning a new skill can help

    New skills can be learned during the summer break by children. Children can also learn a new language during their summer break. Multilingual skills can be helpful for children in the long run. For learning a new language, children can opt for an online method of learning instead of looking for classes outdoors. Children can also take up cooking classes and learn to bake to develop culinary skills. Children also have a chance to learn playing a musical instrument, learn dancing skills and other skills that are of their interest during summer vacations. This is a productive way of using the summer vacations for children.

  1. Creativity can be enhanced

    Creativity of the children can be enhanced during the summer vacation. Redoing rooms, improving study space and do-it-yourself craft ideas can be helpful for children in enhancing their creativity. Summer vacations are often seen by parents as a time wherein children can study their course books and learn their subject. However, though it is important, it does not enhance the creative skills of the children. For ensuring that children stay indulged in a creative manner, children can be encouraged to take up different activities that are of their interest.

  2. Children can also improve their subject skills

    Summer vacation is also a good time to help children improve their subject skills. Though school textbooks and notes by teachers can help students improve their subject skills, there are also online courses and tuitions that can be beneficial. With online courses and tuition, children can learn on a one-to-one basis from experts and enhance their subject skills. A wide number of online platforms are now operational that offer special courses during the summer vacations. Ziyyara Edutech is one such platform that children can make use of during their summer vacations to learn subjects from experts and enhance their skills in different subjects.

  3. Planting can benefit the earth
  4. Children can be encouraged to plant more trees that can benefit the earth as well. Earth can do with a lot many plants for ensuring that there is enough fresh air available for the growing population. In normal routine, parents and children do not think of planting trees but summer vacation can be a good time to do so. This can not only help the children develop sensitivity for the reducing green belt of the earth but can also help to improve the earth’s atmosphere and increase the green cover of the earth for sustaining life.

  5. Travelling for exploring and learning

    Summer vacations can also be utilised for travelling which in turn helps children to learn and explore. When children travel, they get to learn about a new place and its culture. When children travel to new places, they get a hands-on experience about the place making children more sensitive towards and enhancing their willingness to learn. Travelling also helps the children to adapt to new situations and increases the confidence and self-esteem of the children. It also provides children with new knowledge and information with which they can contribute to classroom discussion and also helps them in improving their test scores.

  6. Chance for family time

    Summer vacation is a good time for children to spend time with their family- parents as well as grandparents. During the normal school-going routine, the children do not get enough time to be with their parents and grandparents. Summer break gives free time to children that can be spent with their parents and grandparents so that they can develop family values which are essentially required in life.

    Summer vacations are fun and relaxing times for children as well as the parents. However, the problem of boredom is the most common during the summer vacations. It is essentially required for the parents to keep their children indulged and participate in activities that can help them improve their existing skills and also learn new skills. Summer vacations offer several productive ways to the children so that they can overcome their boredom and enjoy their summer break. Parents and children need to know this for a fact that summer vacations are not wasted but in fact used for helping children develop healthy habits and creative skills.

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