Child Motivation :-


What is the Phone Doing to our Children Brain?

The brain is like other organs, it needs to be exercised …

What are Online Education Resources

How to Build Motivation into Our Children?

Technology, no doubt, is a big advantage to humanity. From improving …

engaging online tutiionn

5 Ways To Make Lessons Engaging In An Online Tuition

Online education has become the new normal to stimulate the minds of students.…

how to get rid from exam stress

How To Get Rid From Exam Stress

Exams are Approaching and I haven’t been Paying Attention to any…

How to Manage Depression in Children?

How to Manage Depression in Children?

Depression caused more death per year than war, cancer and death combined. Depression,…

My Child Cannot Read, What Should I do?

My Child Cannot Read, What Should I do?

Every child is different, and every child has a different capability. Some of us are slow learners …

Is Your Child Learning?

Is Your Child Learning?

Thomas Edison, the prolific inventor, once famously quipped “Genius is 1% inspiration…

language online

Can I Successfully Learn a Language Online

With the advent of online tutoring, learning anything new is easier than …

language online

How Tutors Help in Understanding Concepts to the students?

Have we ever wondered what makes online tutoring work so well …

language online

The Best Online Summer Camp Activities for Kids

Summer camp for children is a fantastic chance for families who want …

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