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What is the Phone Doing to our Children Brain?

The brain is like other organs, it needs to be exercised …

What are Online Education Resources

How to Build Motivation into Our Children?

Technology, no doubt, is a big advantage to humanity. From improving …

engaging online tutiionn

5 Ways To Make Lessons Engaging In An Online Tuition

Online education has become the new normal to stimulate the minds of students.…

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Hor Technology Enhance Learning

How Technology Enhances Online Learning

The online mode of education can prove to be more fruitful than the traditional, physical classes.

Things To Remember While Choosing Stream After 10th

Things To Remember While Choosing Stream After 10th?

Many students choose a stream that is altogether different from their interests. Online home tuition teachers at Ziyyara can help you choose the right stream after your 10th standard


How to Write Effective Thesis Statement

Many times the students get troubled in writing the main body of the thesis or writing acknowledgment for thesis. …

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Importance of Education

Easy ways to memorize mathematics formulas

Equations in school are there everywhere, from mathematics, to physics, to chemistry. Our children bombarded …

 Can online learning fulfill every student's need?

What is the Importance of Algebra in Real Life?

Algebra sounds like rocket science to many students, but this …

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Does Age criteria matter in Tajweed learning?

In today's time, online tuition classes have become a norm. People worldwide are interested in learning about different cultures more than anything else.…


7 Ways to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

Online home tuitions are an ideal way of enhancing your essay writing skills. …

5 English Grammar Rules That You Must Know

5 English Grammar Rules That You Must Know

Let’s get one thing right straight away – there are no easy English grammar rules. …

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