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The brain is like other organs, it needs to be exercised, it needs to be challenged, it needs to be fed, fed with information. Today our children are fed with useless stuff, meaningless posts whether from Instagram, Facebook or Tik Tok. Is this the way we want to build our next generation, the next generation of leaders, thinkers, composers, or just global citizens? Our grandparents spend most of their time in prayer, in working, in thinking about the next meal, family, tradition and way of life. Our children don't think any more, they don't have the time any more, to talk, to challenge, to argue, what will Socrates, Plato, Nietzsche think of our generation, laziness, thinking less, a generation of ignorance.

In the age of google which continues on the phone, we don't have to do anything, we don't have to remember anything, if we have a question we don't have to use our brain any more all we need is Alexa or Siri, we don't have to think, therefore our brain become dormant, useless, they won, the phone won, apple won, google won, our children lost.

Google, Amazon, Facebook employees are the best in the field to keep our children hooked 24/7, even our two years old are addicted, they know more about the phone, how to use it, how to navigate the various apps before even starting saying mama. Where are we heading, where are our children heading, is this the life we need to build for the future generation. There is a reason Steve Jobs banned such applications in his home, so is Mark Zuckerberg, and so are the rest of the staff who are working on these devices to make our children addictive.

Our social life is changing, our children social life is changing, our society is changing. We are together alone, we eat together but we are alone, we socialize but we are also alone, we attend family gatherings, yet we are alone, alone with the phone.

We don't recall anything, if our brain memory is to practice to recall information, we don't practice anymore. We become shallow, our children become shallow, shallow with the news, shallow in decision making, shallow in thinking. We cannot talk anymore about important matters, all we can talk about is shallow 30 seconds of useless information like which celebrity broke with whom, what is the upcoming series on Netflix, what I bought on Amazon, where I am going on vacation and what this influencer posted.

Our children don't read anymore, and if they don't read they will not be able to write, and if they cannot write they will not be able to express themselves freely, they will not be able to think. Reading requires long concentration so is writing. We don't concentrate anymore, every second we have to check our phone, we don't want to be left out, we become addicted, addicted to useless phones which don't enrich us, which do not challenge us. Ask yourself what you learned in the past three days surfing through the limitless bottomless Instagram and Facebook feed. Nothing absolutely nothing. Reading a long book establishes long lasting discipline, it establishes concentration, it makes you think, and that is what makes us human.

What is the difference between us and animals? We eat, so they, we have love so they, we fight so they. Animals cannot concentrate for a long period of time thinking, cooperating, using judgement, if we lose that then what is the difference between us and animals? We are evolving; however, this generation of social media is evolving backward. Our phone becomes for us everything, our clock, our reminder, our information, our thinking device, our calculator, our communication, our tv, our source of news, our music even our love, we panic if we lose it like we lost our very close friend.

Did you think how many hours our children spend on the phone or tablet, 10 hours, 8 hours, 6 hours per day, all the time, they even wake up at night to check their Instagram feed, they love their phone more than they love their parents, they listen to their phone more than they listen to their grandmother. What are we becoming? What our children are becoming? What is this life that we are turning into? The parents also make the same mistake, if we are or are still a role model, and we spend all our time on our phone, what message are we projecting to our children.

Google and Facebook manipulate what we see, by manipulating us they can manipulate our mind. Then they can sell us cheaply to whoever wants to pay whether marketers, politicians, businesses, all for the sake of making money. Our life is there to be seen by everyone, be bought by anyone, we are cheap, cheap to sell to social media. Whenever we are on the phone, we are watched, we are being manipulated, we are taught what we want to see. Without social media Trump will never be president, however with social media if played effectively it can be manipulated by us, this is hard but not impossible, it requires our mind to be present. Social media focuses our attention for less than a second, then it scatters it by bombarding us with a million useless posts, there is no focus, our mind is dormant, we don't see the forest, we don't even see the tree, we see nothing, we learn nothing.

Brain scientists realized that long term memory which takes time to build, which needs to be trained is a seat of understanding. It stores not only facts but also concept, problem solving, ability to think out of the box, our brain on phone is like our body on steroids. By organizing our brain information, it gives us richness in thinking, it makes us intellectual, and that makes us unique. Our ancestors were knowledgeable, without attending any learning institute, they knew which plant is to eat and which one to avoid, they knew when and how to hunt, they build their home with their own hand, all of these and more require immense knowledge, our children today apart from what they being taught in school which is usually forgotten, they know nothing on survival if required.

We need to think, think smart, what our life is becoming, is this what we need from technology, is this what we need from this life. Let our children be out, let them learn, let them travel, let them read, let them think, let them live, live outside the phone. And remember to be everywhere is to be nowhere.

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