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Every parent would like his son or daughter to attend top world universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Stanford, MIT etc. Applying to these universities can be done by anyone especially in this age of internet online application. Admitting to such a university is very hard and only 5% of the applicants get accepted and the number is getting lower every year given the increased number of applicants not only from the same country but also international students who are seeking better education from themselves away from home.

Acing your exams is not enough, some of these university are looking for extra activity away from class like helping or teaching in a third country, solo traveling around the world, helping the community or just have an extra edge that will distinguish you from the crowd such as being good in a particular sport.

Even good will not be enough; you must be at best and competing at national and even international level.

The cost of attending a top university is also higher, given the admission cost and the high standard of living. Almost 15% of students at these universities are students that come from the top 5% with high family income. Those students usually can afford tuition and have a mentor to help them fill up the university entry exam and fill their resume with credentials and will advise them on which classes to take to boost their college prospective.

Parents need also to ask a question if top university admission is worth it compared to mid or a low-grade college. It might help initially when looking for a job at which university or college you graduated from. However, after a few years and gaining a few years of experience, no one really asks or even cares where you graduated from. Most important is being able to work in a team, be innovative, thinking smart and out of the box and having ability in seeing the bigger picture. Students from the low end can perform much better at work compared with the ones who graduated from top university.

With the current job market and globalisation, parents need to ask themselves if paying the extra fees is worth it, is spending all their savings worth it, putting the child through endless loans which he might be paying for the next 10 - 20 years’ worth it. Going to a less expensive university or college could be worthwhile given the student will interact with various students from a diverse background which will help him nourish and help him enhance. If the student only interacts with the privileged children and the rich ones, how will he navigate the obstacle in the future? Student loans are on the rise and with high employment rates, job prospects are even less.

A college degree is not a solution to get out of poverty, and it doesn’t even guarantee a job or a happy marriage life.

Be proactive, be adventurous, be wise that is what will matter at the end.

Statistics show that university graduates with only a degree earn only slightly more than the ones with no degree, and getting into a top university does not even make a huge difference unless you are super connected, come from a rich family or you know someone who helps you find a good job.

People who attend elite colleges are few, and usually come from private school and get external help in admission, and the rest are left behind.

Ziyyara understands that getting into college is a difficult task and a burden for each family.

Ziyyara will help the students, will educate them not in mass but we will treat each one as an individual.

We will help them to take various classes and will help them in attending challenging aspects of life such as a trip to abroad will enhance the skills which the recruiter is looking for. Ziyyara will make each student unique, and will make each student stand out from the crowd.

On the other hand, increase in technology and some universities offering free classes or at minimal fee especially when learning online make the number of graduates even higher. A third of American are graduate, and the number is on the rise. The majority of chinese will go to university and all are competing for the same job market given the world connectivity and remote working whenever you are.

The future will be even more difficult.

Our children will face even more difficulty in future.

Are we equipping them with proper tools to compete around the world? Are we preparing them to be the one with the magic key to open all kinds of doors? At Ziyyara we believe this process should start from a young age, and by doing so we as parents and our children will be able to realise the potential and fulfil their dream.

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