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Classrooms today are outdated, commercialized, and sometimes, unfortunately, not so efficient. We sit in these classrooms of 30 to 50 other students for half a day, learning one subject after the next, from mathematics to biology, chemistry to physics, our brains crammed with equations and formulas, facts and theories, processes and truths -it is no wonder we are as tired as the teachers that we are learning from.

Energy is low, the air is slow and sleepy, we are all trying to keep up with the education schedule and criteria for the semester, to tick the boxes neatly and quickly, so to speak. And to tick these boxes as a collective of students, at the same time, is not easy.

What about things which need to be explained to us one on one? What about the human connection which can meet us where we are within our level of understanding and guide us further towards a complete and coherent understanding of the subject and point that we are looking to make sense of? Ziyyara can help you there.

We are after all, individuals, with different windows to the world and different ways of understanding things. While some students may understand a particular technique a teacher uses to explain things, other students may not.

Some may understand things better visually, others more through sound, others experientially, and then there are the students who understand by imagining -and so it seems understandable that in a classroom of different students they may not all understand the different topics of a school semesters’ schedule together.

Today, we expect more in education. The internet has connected us to the world and now we have a choice in what we want to study, and the way we want to learn.

This is where online learning comes in. With the evolution of the internet from dial up to 4G and now 5G internet is faster than ever and our possibilities grow with it. We are able to communicate with one another in real time, and the potential is endless.

Ziyyara brings you tutors across various topics from various continents to provide you with one on one attention. What’s more, you can choose the tutor who teaches in the best way for you.

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