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In the past our education has relied on textbooks and classrooms, today when we don’t understand something, ‘just ask google’ is a common step to all our queries about the big and beautiful world we live in, from why a bee eats pollen to why freshly cut grass has that smell. Our classrooms don’t have all the questions for us.

Today, the World Wide Web, the glorious internet of things has expanded our capabilities for receiving knowledge and educating ourselves. Education, while once a passive thing spoonfed to us by our parents, teachers and peers, is now a proactive thing. Today, the internet has armed us with the ability to actively seek the knowledge we require and seek this knowledge we shall.

Micheal Josephson once said ‘you are the captain of your ship’ This quote has never been more true than today, and Ziyyara will help you be that captain. So pave your path, walk your steps in the journey of education with Ziyyara, the future is yours, take it.

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