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Online tuitions are offered by tutors who are experts in offering teaching to the students using the advanced technology. Online tutors are the best ways to develop a broader understanding of the course-related concepts that are taught in the school. The online tutors can be selected based on their education and their professional experience, so that best teachings can be offered to the learners. Ziyyara offers an online learning platform to the school going kids in Oman, it is a personalized one to one online live tuition platform that offers all the benefits of in-person tuitions. Becoming a successful online tutor is the most rewarding experience and thus Ziyyara strives hard to appoint the best and highly expert tutors who can educate students with due diligence, professionalism, and care. Getting home tuition in Oman from Ziyyara will help in enhancing your academic skills along with offering numerous opportunities to the parents related to tracking the performance of their kids.

There are many platforms for online tuition in Oman which are listed below:

S. No. Name Founder/ CEO Founded
1 Ziyyara Kavita Sharma 2018
2 Askiitians Aditya Singhal 2006
3 TeacherOn Arun Verma 2010
4 Omanobserver Abdullah bin Salim al Shueili 1981
5 UniversityTutor Brian Armstrong 2004
6 TutorHunt Joan Iyiola 2014
7 Urbanpro Rakesh Kalra 2011
8 Gurusiksha Dipak Jha 2016
9 Lanterna Education Finn Wachtmeister 2004
10 Al-Fanar Media Al-Fanar 2013
11 Tutopiya Nuha Ghouse 2010

But let’s check out some qualities which make Ziyyara one of the most preferred platforms of online tuition in Oman.

1. Patience

The online tuition offered at Ziyyara by the qualified tutors show utmost patience while listening to the doubts and queries of the students. Since every student has a different set of problems, some students have higher learning ability and they understand the concepts easily and fast while for others, understanding the concepts takes a lot of time. The teachers at Ziyyara teach with patience and thus students don’t feel hesitant while asking questions again and again from their tutors.

2. Self Confidence

The teachers at Ziyyara are self-confident and in addition to teaching students, they also boost their motivation level. In case you are not confident regarding your learning, then you need to take the best online tuition in Oman that inspire you to feel motivated while studying.

3. Resourcefulness

Ziyyara has the best pool of talented tutors who use different resources when it comes to educating the students. The teachers at Ziyyara use different educational resources like online dictionaries, videos, pictures, images, etc. while making the concepts clear to the students. Sometimes explaining the lesson or concepts by offering theory-based classes makes it difficult for the students to understand the concepts, thus the teachers offering online tuition in Oman at Ziyyara use different videos or photos to make the concepts more understood to the students.

4. Professionalism

The online tutors at Ziyyara are highly professional and their professionalism is revealed by the way of the teachings. Despite offering online tuition in Oman, the tutors maintain professionalism decorum with a quality which students expect. If the teachers don’t maintain their professional image, then communicating with the students will become a difficult task. Also, the online tutors at Ziyyara ensure that all the tutoring sessions start on time and end on time; thus making a good impact on the learners.

5. Knowledge of Content

The teachers at Ziyyara have a vast knowledge of the content and are capable of expressing their thoughts amongst the students in a more impactful way. If the teachers have sound knowledge of the content but are not mastered in offering their teachings to others, then it will be a waste of time and effort. The teachers at Ziyyara are well-versed with the latest content and can teach students looking for online tuition in Oman .

6. Result oriented

Tutoring is a result-oriented practice where the tutor stays committed to the students and helps them to achieve the goal and shows the best results. The tutors invest their time and efforts so that both the students and their parents can expect some return of investment. The responsibility of tutors at Ziyyara is to ensure that children are achieving their target goal and get success in their academic sessions.

7. Teachers understands the lifelong learning process

The students looking for the online tutors expect their teachers to stay updated with the latest teaching practices and have complete knowledge on specific subjects. Remember, that the teaching style is changing continuously, thus the teachers are expected to use the latest tools, technologies, and practice continuously to meet the growing demand of the present-day education system. The tutors providing online tuition in Oman from home at Ziyyara know how to communicate with their students and understand the lifelong learning process of the students. An essential characteristic that separates Ziyyara online tutors from the rest of the online tutors is their ability to use the latest technology during lessons. Under the absence of using the latest technological tools and methodology, online learning would not be possible. For the desired outputs, the tutors at Ziyyara have a sound technological framework and know how to use the available resources in a more productive way.

Other major USPs of online tuition in Oman at Ziyyara includes:

a. 100% personal attention to all students

b. Affordable and convenient

c. Tracking student’s performance is easy

d. Lot of satisfied students and parents

e. Hassle-free payment options

f. Utmost privacy

g. No need to install any software

h. Face to face tuition

i. Recorded classes

j. Customised classes

k. 100% personal attention

l. Parental management

Online tutors interact with students through the Internet and the tutors at Ziyyara use the latest online teaching tools such as online whiteboard, screen sharing, audio & video facility, messaging software, and webcams so that effective communication can be established with the learners. Teachers use different tools based on the students’ needs and assist them in completing their homework and projects. Offering teaching through the internet allows the tutors and students to enjoy the flexibility of learning without worrying about commuting from one place to another. Online tuition in Oman offer quicker access to the vast resources that are available on the Internet resulting in better understanding of the subjects.

In recent years, online tuitions have emerged as the most effective tool to offer education to the students so that they can achieve their academic goals. Parents’ requirement to offer additional educational support to their children is increasing the popularity of online tuitions. Most of the parents opted for professional tutors so that they can offer additional help to the students in understanding the concepts and completing their assignments.

In case you are also looking for qualified and expert online tuition in Oman, then Ziyyara has all the advanced and latest features which are required for effective tuitions.

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