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With the majority of the population below the age of 20, and revenue dependence on oil, without sound education the student in Saudi Arabia will not be able to prosper.

With Ziyyara online tuition in Saudi Arabia with expert tutors offering a variety of subjects in multiple disciplines using advanced technology at your comfort of the Saudi student at home. One on One online tuition is the best alternative to school in Saudi Arabia. At Ziyyara tutors can be selected based on their qualification, gender, and background. Native speaker or expert on the subjects, mathematician, or physician. With Ziyyara’s online tuition in Saudi Arabia we guarantee confidence, practice and problem solving to the students.

Ziyyara will help the Saudi student no matter his level or his background. Whether the Saudi student is weak in chemistry, Arabic grammar, or English pronunciation. Ziyyara with their expertise in one on one teaching will have the solution. All of Ziyyara tutors are selective, qualified, come from different countries with different experience to guide and help the Saudi student to not only pass their exam but also to make sure they pass with a high percentage in order to make them ready for a university of their choice.

Ziyyara is the only dedicated online tuition in Saudi Arabia. Ziyyara provides tuition in Arabic , English , or any language you might be interested in. With Ziyyara online tuition the student nor the teacher need to travel for example in crowded roads of Riyadh and Jeddah, the Saudi tutor will always be there on time, whenever is in need. The Saudi student does not have to book the tutor one year in advance, the Saudi student can show when the class is needed at any time suitable for him or her. Given gender is an issue in Saudi Arabic and mixing of males and females is prohibited, at Ziyyara the Saudi student can select the teacher they like whether male or female based on qualification without question asked or raised.

With the help of Ziyyara’s one on one online tuition in Saudi the student will have focus interaction. It has been proven in various studies in Saudi Arabia that the Saudi student learns more when the education is exclusive with a limited number of students. At Ziyyara we can design a package for the Saudi student need, regardless of the budget and time. It is also proven that studying in the comfort of your home, eating, and drinking whatever you like while taking online tuition in Saudi Arabia improves your learning, ability to grab information and understand the subject more.

At Ziyyara the Saudi student can have multiple teachers per subject at affordable cost, the Saudi student can change the teacher when they like without any hidden cost. Ziyyara which is a best online tuition in Saudi Arabia is free for the first lesson and if the student is not satisfied, he can change the teacher with no extra cost and no question asked. If the Saudi student is comfortable with the online teacher, he can book him throughout the year, at the same day and the same time.

At Ziyyara we are not only teaching the students to pass their exam in Saudi Arabia, we teach them to be responsible, to be future Saudi contributor citizens, to master their career whatever it takes them or whatever they decide to be.

Ziyyara believes the competition in Saudi Arabia for university entry such the renowned King Abdulaziz University is hard, Ziyyara which is a best online tuition in Saudi will prepare the students for the entry exam, and will make sure they are equipped and ready to climb the ladder and face problems whenever is needed.

Ziyyara believes confidence is one of the most underrated skills the Saudi student can process. With confidence everything is possible, with confidence the Saudi can enter the exam with no worry, no problem and no last-minute concern will be available or he or she will face it. Ziyyara’s online tuition provides peace of mind not only for the Saudi student but also for the Saudi parents. For the Saudi parents they will not have to worry about expensive tuition per subject, private school or not providing the best for their children for the future. The Saudi parents will know that Ziyyara’s best online tuition service is there only to help, guide and provide the best complementary and supplement education for the Saudi children.

The population of Saudi Arabia is 35 million with the majority still in school, if the Saudi government fails to create jobs away from the oil sector, it will face a huge challenge in the year to come. Only the few, the selective one, the one took extra learning to the next level, the bright one will be able to make it, to prosper, and Ziyyara’s one on one online tuition will be able to provide the help if needed. The responsibility on the government shoulder is huge, the era of the petrodollar is disappearing, and the era of technology and effective education is the future for the students in Saudi Arabia.

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