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At Ziyyara we are all about personal growth and self improvement we recognize challenges as golden opportunities to learn skills critical for life, here’s why:

Here are some essential tips that can help weak students to become intelligent:

1. Focus:

Not only will you produce better quality results and also get the job done faster, you will also train your brain to pay better attention for future tasks. When we talk about focus we mean committing your uninterrupted attention to a task. This may mean waking up from autopilot mode and being alert and present in what you are doing, it may mean remaining undistracted and also taking the initiative to remove any distractions (yes, put that phone away), it may mean working on one task at a time (not multitasking).

To focus uninterrupted on a task allows and to truly give it all of your attention in order to produce the best work you are capable of. In the long run this will help you; improve your memory and problem solving skills, equipping you with increased self belief and willpower that will definitely help you tackle future tasks you face.

As Aristotle said, ‘we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit’. So let’s commit to switching off our autopilot mode (and our phones!), and to instead pay attention and truly focus on the things that we are doing, Today, promise to give yourself the gift of presence to allow yourself to be fully immersed in what you are doing at any given moment and to tackle every task you face with excellence.

2. Perseverance:

We all have our dreams and goals, those incredible things we want to achieve no matter how big or small. But life is not always a dream, and while we remember the dreams we want to reach and work toward them, the road to our biggest dreams and goals is often paved with many challenges along the way. To achieve the incredible is not always easy, and that’s okay. What matters is sticking to it, If we are going to succeed in reaching our goals we must remember them; staying motivated while overcoming the obstacles and challenges we face.

As Angela Duckworth explains in her book Grit: the Power of Passion of Perseverance, to achieve the incredible takes a passionate perseverance, it means keeping your eyes on the goal and working towards them even when things get difficult. To harness and train within you the power to trudge through the challenges, wade through the misunderstanding and the mistakes, the ‘I don’t know’s and ‘I don’t understand’s, and climb up the mountain of knowledge one crumbling rock at a time. Trust us when we say the view from the top is amazing. It is a mix of confidence and knowledge, triumph, self belief, and gratitude from a task well accomplished as well as the outcome of the task well accomplished, whatever it may be. Which leads us to the next point…

3. Conquer the feeling of giving up:

By not. Every time you feel like giving up and you don’t, you are establishing and reinforcing the positive pattern within you of self belief, confidence and willpower so you can tap into your superpower abilities to better solve any challenges you face in the future.

4. It's actually not impossible:

When you break that seemingly impossible task into steps and you can visualize the process even the most complicated of tasks becomes possible. So you have your dream, your goal, your project, it feels impossibly complicated and you are scared to begin it...what do you do? You simplify it.

You break your project down into steps you can visualise, and then you tackle each step with undivided attention (no distractions!) and watch the magic unfold as you make the impossible possible with every challenge overcome and goal achieved. Repeat this process and prove to yourself time and time again that the impossible is not actually impossible, because when you face the day with this mindset, anything is possible. And then the cycle reaffirms.

5. You grow more from the difficult moments than the easy ones:

whatever the challenge may be, it’s the difficult moments and the way we react to them that seem to be the most teaching moments in life. Instead of giving up, recognize what you can learn from a difficult situation. Life is about growing, evolving, improving. Life is about strength of character. See challenges as opportunities for growth and seize your opportunity to evolve and grow as a person in this game of life.

At Ziyyara we understand you learn more from what’s difficult than from what’s easy. So the next time you face a challenge, instead of being upset, be grateful at what you are going to learn from it.

And in the end what you carry forward is not only the direct fruits of your labour, once you’ve accomplished your goal and are sitting at the top of the mountain of that seemingly impossible journey, seeing all the things you didn’t understand before more clearly, you move forward equipped with an understanding, self belief and willpower that will allow you to excel in future endeavours.

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