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Arabic is considered to be the official language of Saudi Arabia. It is a language that is taught to students in junior classes and it is also a language which our ancestors used to speak. It is also considered the language of a holy book and the language of the Quran. But now people have started using English as their main language in Saudi as things have changed now.

Saudi Arabia students especially in the first year of University are supposed to learn English in a very short period of time. This is what is happening in Saudi Arabia, and with the majority of the Arab world.

They have to master reading, speaking, listening and writing in English and are asked to have a good command of this language. They have to master a new language in a year. But how is this possible? Ziyyara has a solution to this problem as it is considered to be one of the best online educational platforms in Saudi Arabia.

Education is the foundation of a country. The young generation today will build the future of tomorrow, and will raise the next generation of tomorrow. But why is this not implemented in Saudi Arabia?

Ziyyara believes that nothing is missing. The only thing that is missing is proper education and continuous learning in all cities and villages of Saudi Arabia from east to west, and north to south.

Saudi Arabia youngsters understand the burden on their shoulders, and they understand that Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world.

However, with the majority of the population below the age of 30, the competition will be severe in the Saudi job market. Saudi are not only competing against Saudi but are also competing against inexpensive labor around the world which belong from India, Philippine, Pakistan or Bangladesh and from sectors such as IT, nurse, teaching and many more. You not only need to master in your communication skills but in writing skills as well and you need to have a good command over English language.

First year students in Saudi Arabia face a lot of difficulty while learning the formulas in mathematics, as well as Physics due to the usage of English language. The students of Saudi Arabia are also asked to write paragraphs in English language which is difficult for them to understand.

Most of the publications are in English, and most of the scientific books are also written in English. Many scientific articles are also written in English but a few publications are written in Arabic. Arabs even fail to translate the most important books in the literature and scientific world. Without English, nations are at loss and there is no growth without this essential language. Everything begins with education, and learning. But it can also be nurtured by Ziyyara, the number one online educational platform in Saudi Arabia.

English is the language of the future, whether you are from Riyadh, Dammam, or Makkah. You need to learn English, and whoever wishes to succeed in their lives, need to have a good grasp of this language. All Saudi’s should have excellent speaking as well as writing skills.

Unless you prefer to be a teacher or a preacher, English is a must for you especially in this era of social media.

At Ziyyara we have different packages to fit all kinds from beginners to advanced, and for first year university students and even for graduates as well. Ziyyara, which is Saudi Arabia's number one online tuition platform will be there to help you pass your exams. So you need not worry about it.

At Ziyyara online education in Saudi Arabia we have all kinds of teachers from England to New Zealand. You can have a trial at Ziyyara and if you are not satisfied, you can always look for other options.

We can teach all kinds of languages from English to French and even Hebrew.

Ziyyara understands the burden the students have nowadays and it also understands the thirst all the young citizens have from graduating to getting a job, getting married and having children, building a foundation for the future, purchasing a land and building a house of their dreams and of exploring the world.

Ziyyara is building the foundation for all Saudi citizens, and although the steps are small but our vision is big, and so is the vision of all Saudi citizens.

Ziyyara believes Saudi Arabia is the leading country not just in the Arabs but also in the Islamic nation. Ziyyara believes that the Saudi citizens have what it takes to accomplish the impossible. Money is there, the education is there, the infrastructure is there, leadership vision is there. So let’s join hands together so that more people of Saudi can adopt English language and it should be widely spoken in Saudi Arabia. Let's build with Ziyyara online learning platform.

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Book a Free Demo Class!!

Book a Free Demo Class!!