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A book is the gym of the brain, it exercises the brain, feeds curiosities and one learns new things. It is nothing short of an adventure trip. Now, scroll back your memory and tell when did you read a good book?

It all starts from the grass-root level of the school where teachers introduce young minds to the books teaching them basics like alphabets, unique sounds and arranging letters. It doesn’t take long to read words and carve full sentences after a while and with the magic of time and few turned pages, one understands everything from reading posters to the complex literature.

The fundamental question remains: why do humans need books? Is it to understand some weird letters and give examinations for the rest of their lives?

The basic fact remains that for humans to communicate and understand better and for that books are the building blocks. But the benefits of reading books are beyond one’s imagination.

Books make one understand the world better. An avid reader can unlock many mysteries and answers of life and can help in making a sound decision for any kind of situation in life. The following are some of the key benefits of reading books.

Books improve communication skills

Books helps in a great deal to improve communication and vocabulary of an individual. It enables the reader to develop better language skills which further develops the fluency of the language helping in expressing or communicating the ideas effectively.

Books Educate Us

Books are the best friends who are hungry for knowledge. It helps significantly in understanding diverse cultures and comprehends the history of things. Knowledge of new languages certainly helps an individual to improvise and move forward in life. There are books of infinite genres from history to problem solvers from cooking to biographies.

Books Keep the Brain Healthy

Books are considered to be the best friends of the brain. It’s like a gym where the brain can exercise and empower itself. It stimulates the blood flow in the brain and helps in keeping diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s at bay. So the more one reads more it helps the brain to stay fit. It also helps in cognitive function and helps in improving the memory substantially. It also helps in developing the analytical skill of the individual.

Books Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety is the biggest enemy of a healthy mind. In current times, it is very difficult to cope with them. Lifestyle, work, and peer pressure contribute to significantly increasing tension. In these situations, one can certainly look towards books based on science fiction, romantic novels, and even autobiographies, apart from giving knowledge these books work as an excellent stress buster. With an infinite range of books in these genres, one can certainly keep the doctor away.

importance of reading

Books Motivate and Inspire

Books are considered to be one of the most powerful sources of inspiration. There are ample books in the market depicting heroics of individuals even in the most difficult of the situation. These books on heroism are available with both fictional characters and real-life people. These books empower and motivate individuals and enable them to stay strong and positive in their lives.

Books Stimulate Creativity

Books are the best to travel in the dream world and achieve new heights of creativity. Through reading, one can ignite imagination and an open mind to new possibilities. With thousands of books around, one can certainly travel, experience, envisage and make this fiction a reality. Great scientists of the world have credited books of science technology as inspirations in unlocking scientific mysteries of the universe.

Strengthens the Writing Abilities

Apart from its endless health benefits, reading books contribute a lot in developing the overall personality of an individual. Writers, in particular, acknowledge the fact that how important reading is for their work. Even people who write as a hobby also vouch for the fact that reading improves the overall skill substantially.

It amplifies the knowledge and makes individuals smarter and sharp

There are millions and millions of books in the market. Each book contains a high dose of information in one form or the other. Reading books regularly amplifies the knowledge of an individual tremendously. It teaches a lot about diverse people, their cultures and even their history, all this without even visiting the place. This is only possible through reading.

Reading books somehow or the other adds depth to the knowledge base. With increased knowledge, one can become capable of making better decisions and choices in life. One becomes aware of the surroundings and tends to have an open mind and a broader vision.

So, this is a known fact now that an avid book reader would be smarter and sharper than individuals who don’t indulge themselves in reading.

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Importance of Reading in enhancing your critical and analytical thinking

Reading books is very resourceful to enhance critical and analytical thinking. A lot of information is processed by the brain constantly while reading books. For example, if an individual is reading some suspense novel or book then the brain would constantly thrive to guess the outcomes of the events taking place. During this process, the brain would try to relate and mend the puzzles to make sense of the story. This constant processing enhances the problem-solving capability and analytical thinking of the brain.

At Ziyarra, new content is added on a regular basis to make sure the creativity and interest is kept intact. The mission is to be successful by promoting creative cross-marketing and original content. Ziyarra is on a constant quest to nurture a child’s brain and raise his curiosity; hence, we’ve compiled a list of books that must find a place in your home library.

Ziyyara's dedicated language teachers will assign student book to read either online or hard copy at least a chapter a day. This will be followed by a discussion on the topic, a comprehensive analysis, a summary and its implication. Ziyyara believe reading only loudly is not enough, is how applicable is the knowledge is.

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