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His birth was not dramatic, he was not born in a palace nor at home, born below a palm tree. However, his conception was divine just like the creation of Adam, without a father, a virgin birth, a divine birth, a woman called Mariam as referred in the Quran or Mary as referred in the Bible. He was named by God, Issa (Jesus) the Son of Mariam.

‘“O Mariam,, truly God gives thee glad tidings of a Word from Him, whose name is the Messiah, Issa son of Mariam, high honored in this world and the Hereafter, and one of those brought nigh”. Al Imran 45 - 46.

The angel came to Mariam while he was in prayer, throughout her young an eventful life Mariam dedicated her life to the prayer to the Divine. The daughter of Imran, a noble family and well known for their dedication to the Almighty.

Mariam was scared, Mariam was afraid, when she saw the angel despite in human form:

‘’Then We sent unto her Our Spirit, and it assumed for her the likeness of a perfect man. She said, “I seek refuge from thee in the Compassionate, if you are reverent!” He said, “I am but a messenger of thy Lord, to bestow upon thee a pure boy.” Mariam 17 - 19.

What Mariam thought with this revelation, she was scared, she was confused, she was disillusioned.

She placed her faith in God, Mariam was not like any other women, not then and not forever.

“O Mariam, truly God has chosen thee and purified thee, and has chosen thee above the women of the worlds.’’ Al Imran 42.

Prior to the virgin birth, engaged in prayer without the thought of this materialistic life, God always rewarded her which surprised Zachariah. This was just the beginning of the ultimate reward.

‘’Whenever Zachariah entered upon her in the sanctuary, he found provision with her. He said, “Mariam, whence comes this unto thee?” She said, “It is from God. Truly God provides for whomsoever He will without reckoning.” Al Imran 37.

How is that for an answer: Truly God provides for whomsoever he will. Very simple words, which indicate deep faith, dedication, and soulfulness. Today people seek guidance from people, not from God, especially this current life of social media, and the non-stop bombarding of useless information.

What will Mariam do, do with this child who God named him Issa. What will she tell Zachariah, what will she tell her family, what will be her response when the tribe comes flocking? First of all, how will she deal with pregnancy, apart from hiding from them all.

She managed to conceal her pregnancy, by saying she just put-on some weight, no more no less. She continues with her daily life of prayer and devotion caring, praying for her child in her womb and believing in the existence of God's predestination.

“O Mariam! Be devoutly obedient to thy Lord, prostrate, and bow with those who bow.” Al Imran 43.

What is prayer, is it continuously repeating some ritual that is forced on us, a prayer that doesn't add anything to our life, does not enrich us that does not challenge us that doesn't open our mind. We at Ziyyara online learning try to encourage the child to be a dedicated person to whatever they does, no matter what religion sect he/she belongs or any faith they might have, questioning is the way forward not just taking from what it is given without any answer nor criticism.

The baby Issa the Son of Mariam was due, no friends nor family to call, no hospital to run to, no one there to answer her sorrow, her pain, the unknown unknown. She ran, ran away from everything, the only thing she could think at this moment of time is to go far and far away from everything, so she ran. Then the contraction came, suffering is a way of life, no matter who you are even in the case of Mariam, the chosen one.

She cried, cried to God, cried that she never was born, cried she never existed, cried if she can turn to nothing, she can turn to soil.

“Would that I had died before this and were a thing forgotten, utterly forgotten!” Mariam 23.

How painful was that, not only lonely the birth, no mother to hold to, no husband for encouragement, no sister for support, but the circumstances, never been touched by a man, dedicated to God, well known within her family and tribe, the soulful one, but now everything changed, she is the shameless one.

So, he called out to her from below her, “Grieve not! Thy Lord has placed a rivulet beneath thee. And shake toward thyself the trunk of the date palm; fresh, ripe dates shall fall upon thee. So, eat and drink and cool thine eye.” Mariam 24 - 26.

Did Mariam need fresh dates, did she even have the strength to push the trunk. What does the dates simplify, to show Mariam that God is with her, he never left her, and he will be with her throughout the upcoming most likely painful journey. In life we need to push the trunk for God to help us, for God to guide us. We cannot just wait, sit, and expect all will be ok and we will be rewarded in this life and the next when absolutely doing nothing. What should we learn from these few simple words: ‘’and shake toward thyself’’?

We need to teach our children how to shake the tree, how to climb the tree, how to plant a tree. At Ziyyara’s one-on-one online learning we don't supply the child with fresh dates, we show them where the road is, where the oasis is and will let them navigate the obstacle.

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