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The Quran is soul for every Muslim, and it is read daily, while praying or at any time of the day. The Quran is found in every Muslim house. Every member in the Muslim family has their own copy, and majority of the Muslims have the Quran downloaded in their mobile phone as an app so that it can be read whenever they want and they also have the access to the Quran throughout.

The Quran is also given as a gift from the groom family to the wife as part of the dowry. The Quran is the foundation for each Muslim from young to old.

It is taught in school, at home and, we have some specialized Quran schools which are called as Madrasa. Some people even carry a piece of some surah with them such as surah Yasin in their pocket, or their handbag even in cars.

The Quran is not only the source of law and living life, the Quran for Muslim is a philosophical book, a story book, a warning and also a welcoming. It is everything for a Muslim, and some Muslims do not prefer to read any book apart from the Quran.

The Quran is a decrimination between false and truth. The Quran is a way on which we shall live our lives. The Quran is a protector and source of comfort. The Quran is a friend for each Muslim, and it acts like a friend to the person who is in distress.

The Quran is a healing for any disease, especially mental illness, and the Quran verses is the last thing the Muslims hear before taking their last breath and the first thing a child hears when he is born.

Some Muslims believe the Quran was created even before the creation of the universe, and the Quran is eternal. Each word, each letter, the sequence are all important. All have a meaning both outer and inner.

The outer meaning is what we see, what we read, and what is obvious for every one. The outer meaning is still unknown for a few, the guided ones, the wise one and the knowledgeable one. Some meanings of the Quran are only interpreted by God and it will be revealed only on judgment day.

The Quran is the Muslim constant companion, from the beginning of his life till his death. The Quran will also accompany and be merciful for those who didn't take the book of God for granted. The Quran will be a mercy on the judgement day.

For Muslims, the Quran is timeless and limitless. It is a cure; it is a mercy and also a warning. A warning to the unbeliever, a warning to known Muslim and a warning to all. The Quran was not only revealed to Arabs, but to all humankind and living things. The Quran was even revealed to Jinn.

The Quran also needs to be recited in a proper way in its original language which is Arabic. You can read the Quran translation in other languages as well such as English and French to understand its meaning, but all Muslims are required to recite the Quran in Arabic. While praying it has to be read on its original Arabic form.

Surah Al Fatihah marks the beginning of the Quran with seven verses. Al Fatihah is one of the most important surah in the Quran and it is required to be read at each salat several times. Al Fatihah is both a mercy and a shield for muslims to non believers. It is the only surah with the Basmalah at the beginning as part of the surah.

Muslim are required to memorise some part of the Quran, and most Muslims memorize the small sura located at the end of the Quran. This surah is read during the prayer on a daily basis. Few people memorise the whole Quran, and there are special schools dedicated for that and even competitions are held on memorizing and reciting it in various countries of the world.

At Ziyyara, we focus on both aspects i.e. one on one Quran learning and Tajweed.

The learning of the meaning of the Quran, its value and also helping our children to memorise some of the ayat at ease especially to non-Arabic speakers is our only agenda. For non Arabic speakers the task of memorizing some ayat is difficult, and they need to understand the meaning of the Arabic verses and how to pronounce it correctly without any mistakes. Our teachers come from different backgrounds and are experts in various languages with having multiple years of experiences in teaching Quran and tajweed.

All our classes last for an hour, and it is up to the student to choose the number of hours, and days that suit them.

At Ziyyara we not only teach the basics nor the theory, we make our students learn about the Quran, and what is the actual meaning of each sentence. At Ziyyara Quran classes, we are building a foundation for our Muslim children and their parents to prepare them for the future specially in this age of unlimited information and unlimited disctruction.

Ziyyara is also open to teach the meaning of the Quran to non-Muslims. Ziyyara believes that the Quran is for every individual and it is obliged to all Muslims to spread the word.

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