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Tajweed Al Quran is the methodology in which each word and letter of the Quran is pronounced correctly while reciting the Holy Quran.

Tajweed comes from the Arabic word Jawad, which means improving, enhancing and enriching.

The Holy Quran is the word of God, brought to Earth via the angel Gibril to the prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. The revelation lasted 23 years, and it was written not by Mohammed given he was illiterate but by his companion. The Holy Quran was memorised by the prophet plus most of his companions. It was the angel Gibril who taught Mohammed how to read it correctly, therefore the prophet taught the companion how to recite it.

Initially the recitation of the Quran was taught verbally. The students would repeat it until he or she was confident enough to recite it properly. Once they become perfect in reciting it, the students can think of becoming a teacher and teach others among their family members and so on. This methodology spread along the Islamic villages and cities.

When Islam spread throughout the Middle East specialy in cities and villages that didn’t speak Arabic, a lot of mistakes were made and muslims started prounoucing it incorrectly. As a result, the science of Tajweed emerged and was written and taught in various mosques and homes.

Tajweed Al Quran comes into two sections: the theory aspect and the practical aspect.

Without practicing the proper pronunciation with a proper lecturer the theory will not be enough. At Ziyyara online Quran Tajweed learning we focus on the theory but the majority is through practice and repetition. The lecturer hears the student the way he or she pronounces the various letters and words, and corrects them if they make mistakes. Listening from youtube videos will not be sufficient to master the art of Tajweed.

Tajweed is a must for each muslim, and it is obligatoory for each muslim to read the Holy Quran correctly.

If the muslim believe that the book is from God then they should pay attention on its meaning, its wording and the pronunciation.

By doing that the understanding will be better and the muslim will take a pleasure in reading it, enriching himself and teaching it to the rest of his family and community.

Evidence of the importance of Tajweed from the Holy Quran was mentioned:

ً ورتل آلقران ترتيلاً

“ And recite the Quran in a slow, measured rhythmic tone” Al Muzammil, 4, The Wholy Quran.

Tarteel i.e. recite in Arabic means to release the word with ease and remain fixed in a practical path which means to pronounce each word with clarity.

There is two way to learn Tajweed:

Verbally and Theory.

Verbally: This is the easier of the two, and even young children will be able to learn.

This means that the student will be reciting some part of the Quran while the teacher listens and makes corrections. At Ziyyara online Tajweed lesson this is also the preferred method especially for the ones below the age of 9.

At Ziyyara we make sure the students understand all the basics of Tajweed so that he can read the Quran correctly no matter what the words and letters are.

Theory: This is the most complicated of the two which involves reading the theory beyond the Tajweed. It involves understanding the rules first then applying it to practice. This is slightly difficult but once mastered, it is harder to forget. At Ziyyara these methods can be taught to the children between the age of 12 - 15 and even for adults. At Ziyyara Tajweed online learning we make sure the theory of aspects of Tajweed is well understood if required together with the practical aspect.

Ziyyara Tajweed online learning believes in a hybrid between practical and theory. Ziyyara Tajweed online learning will focus on both aspects i.e. the theory is well implemented and is also not easy to forget. With enough practice each student and even parents can master the Holy Quran, the book from God.

Today in this fast moving life, with so many obligations, with so many ongoing commitments from school, to parenting, day to day job, updating social media and non stop news, we tend to forget. We tend to forget to treat the Quran properly, to read it properly, to understand its meaning, to understand the presence and the hidden aspect of it. When we read the Quran we tend to rush, skip, read it very fast, we are not focusing, we are not paying attention, and we become absent rather than present.

If we read the Quran we only read it on specific occasions, maybe in the month of Ramadan, maybe on Friday and maybe not at all. We are busy with social media and Netflix and we forget the most important book in the Muslim life. If we read it, we ignore its meaning, if we read it we ignore its value, if we read it we just read it for the sake of it.

Without the Quran, children will be at a loss, and even the next generation will be at loss.

We cannot compete this with TikTok and snapchat or anything other social media, but if we try to plant the seed from an initial age into our children, they will thank us afterward.

Let's make our children love the book from God, let's make them in love with the Holy Quran, let's plant the seed for the future, let's pave them a road which will enrich them, which will make them better citizens, which will make them better muslims.

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