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Across the globe, schools are seen spending a lot of money on their pupils. Likewise, parents also tend to spend a lot on the education of their children starting right from their preschool years. The increased school spending is considered to have significant impacts on the way in which children learn and grow.

Schools that spend more on their students do so to make sure that the students get all the amenities and facilities that facilitate effective teaching as well as learning. The debate on schools spending money basically revolves around whether or not more spending leads to better scores or not? While for some researchers, the answer to the questions is yes, for others there is no relation on the money spent by schools and the academic achievements of the students.

There are various factors that affect the academic performance of the students like the reading culture, and financial status and psychology. For most students, it is important their needs be fulfilled. In an educational institution, the basic needs of students go beyond food, shelter and clothing. These needs extend to the cost of transportation, health care and ICT. Transportation is a major problem that students who do not live close to their schools face.

A lot of money goes into fulfilling transportation needs of students and therefore schools these days provide transportation services as well for which they need to spend more. Health care facilities in schools need to be provided so that the students who are ill or sick can be looked after. For this again, the schools need to spend money to maintain the essential medicines and medical staff. When schools spend money on providing these facilities, the students can focus on their academics and are therefore able to perform better.

For researchers who support the fact that money matters when it comes to student outcomes, the following are the reasons:

•Money helps in allocating the right resources: Schools that spend more money basically do so to ensure that all necessary resources are made available to the students so that they can learn in an effective manner which ultimately has an impact on the productivity of the students. When students get the right books, study materials, technological resources as well as support materials, they tend to learn in a better manner.
The availability of learning resources to students at the right time can be made possible only when the schools are ready to spend money. Schools that do not have the necessary funds to make available these resources for their students usually do not get good results. In essence, schools that can make available the right environment for effective learning of students by spending more money. These schools also tend to produce students who get better scores.

•Money helps in maintaining a competitive staff: Schools need to maintain a competitive workforce to make sure that teaching and learning can take place in an effective manner. For this, it is important that schools offer competitive compensation packages to the teachers. When teachers are provided with good pay and benefits, they tend to work in a more productive manner and make learning productive for the students. In effect, the students tend to perform better academically thereby getting better scores.

In other words, money does matter when it comes to improving the academic as well as the overall achievement of the students. However, it is essential that money be spent by the schools in a judicial and productive manner.

There are many who believe that more school spending does not lead to better scores. The proponents of this thought basically bank upon the intelligence quotient and cognitive skills of the school students. These people are of the opinion that if students are motivated to learn and can maintain a psychological balance, they always tend to score well despite o whatever conditions they are in.

There are many schools that provide the students with just the basic facilities of a classroom, competent teachers and the required study materials and the students are able to get good scores. This is because the focus of the school, faculty as well as the students is on learning in an effective manner.

These schools do not spend a lot of money on providing an facilitating environment to the students but ensure that the required resources are available at all times for students. The aim of the schools is to work on the cognitive, experiential and problem-solving skills of the students to help them get good scores.

Ziyyara Edutech believes that students who focus on learning in an effective manner can perform well whether or not their schools spend money on providing facilities. At Ziyyara, students can learn in an effective manner from educational experts at very low costs and improve their academic performance.

As an education portal, Ziyyara does not only make available to the students educational materials but also offers online tutoring sites so that students can learn what they want from experts. The experts help students to learn the concepts using hands-on experience and ensure that they get enough practice to crack their exams and thereby score well. So, even small spending at Ziyyara can help students perform better at their exams.

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