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It is known to us that top ranked university in any country is difficult to enroll and you should be eligible for the following criterias:

1. At least a graduate national school certificate with 90% score and above.

2. You must pass the university entrance examination.

3. Your application form has to be unique.

4. Your application form has to stand out from thousands of other applicants.

5. You must have an income to support yourself during the upcoming 4 to 5 years.

6. Lastly you have to come from an influential family.

Ziyyara educational platform would like to help each of their students achieve these targets. Our one-on-one tuition in various subjects are unique, focused and targeted per student. You can take the class anytime you want or from any place you belong to. You can take a subject even a few days before the exam to raise your confidence or to tackle a question you didn't understand.

Ziyyara believes that you have to work hard to get enrolled in a top university, and getting high grades will not be enough. The competition is severe and only a few students will be able to enroll.

Attending top rank universities such as Yale, Cambridge or Indian Institute of Science open doors to further study and usually top ranked listed companies tend to recruit from those universities compared to low rank ones. University repetition matters. You cannot compare an A at MIT with an A at Florida University.

Fee structure is also very high at these top ranked universities; and they range from $20,000 - $50,000 per year for non-local students. 99% of the world population will not be able to afford it.

A few of these universities provide scholarships to the minority, disable and talented students either academic or athletic. However, you are competing with thousands of talented students and getting a scholarship has very minimal chances.

You might get enrolled if you are lucky enough, or are born from a rich family, or belong from a petrodollar rich country such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or the United Arab Emirates where the student who scores around 70% will be able to qualify for a government scholarship where all the expenses are paid.

Ziyyara believes that even in these countries’ efforts will be needed for getting a scholarship. At Ziyyara we will help the students fill the form, guide them a few years before graduation from secondary certificates and will make sure they take the right path for a scholarship.

Some subjects are not in demand in terms of scholarship such as art, music and philosophy or history. Those countries only send scholarships depending on the country's need and the labor market. 30% of the local population of these countries are below the age of 20. Ziyyara believes that in 10 years if these countries fail to create jobs, the unemployment rate will be high which might result in trouble ahead.

Ziyyara also believes that the student needs to put a lot of effort, and if the student is not learning or doesn't pay attention in school, he will fail to achieve success no matter what rank it is.

On the other hand minority students and those who come from poor backgrounds need to find part time jobs to supplement the tuition cost. This usually takes a toll on them and they have to put even more time for learning.

Ziyyara believes that a graduate degree opens the door for employment and for career progression. The degree will matter in the first few years when applying for jobs or moving between jobs. However, at a later stage in the career what matters is your dedication, self-learning and ability to adapt. The degree builds a foundation but it doesn't build a home or a career.

Career ladder usually is on the steep rise in the first few years of employment.

Ziyyara believes that each student should consider carefully which university he or she attends?

You must consider the status of the job market not only now but in the coming few years as well and what you wish to pursue further and the cost associated with it?

Once the students with the help of Ziyyara learning are happy they will easily achieve their goal even if it comes to applying for a school loan making sure that this will pay off in the future.

Ziyyara learning is there to help, to help you build the foundation. Ziyyara focuses on skills, innovation, problem solving, and these are the kind of skills that will help you not only in your grad school or university but throughout your life.

Ziyyara will help you build a home of your dreams.

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