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Every child is different, and every child has a different capability. Some of us are slow learners while some can grasp things very quickly. Some of us are good at mathematics whereas some hate mathematics. Some excel in school while the majority find it difficult to attend school, and difficult to cope.

Some children take a lot of time to learn. They might have some genetic disease, or their brain might function differently. There is no need to panic about this. In this case parents are concerned about their child’s future and find ways to make children study.

Mothers tend to panic the most about their education. They are worried what if their child is not able to read at the age of 5 or 7.

The reason could be any i.e. dyslexia, or maybe mental instability.

Your child may be struggling in reading, spellings, grammar, reading aloud with confidence, skipping letters, not pronouncing the word correctly, reading in one tone without emphasizing question marks.

At Ziyyara our focus is your children. Every child matter, and every child is different in its own way.

We do not have to spend a lot of money hiring private teachers, and psychiatrists that we cannot afford to educate our children. Most of us cannot afford it or do not even know where to start or whom to call.

At Ziyyara your child is our utmost priority, and we will do the best to educate your child. Parents are concerned about the education of their child and they love to see their kids studying.

At Ziyyara we work hard to teach your child, we work hard to educate them, and we even work harder for your child to adapt new learning methodology.

At Ziyyara we have an in house counselor, an in-house psychiatrist, in house advisor for all the subjects your child might need, whether reading, paying attention while listening, writing or even mathematics. We work hard for you to relax, we work hard for the parents to be satisfied and not to waste their money on unnecessary expenditure.

Try Ziyyara for free. We will refund your money if you are not satisfied. We will change the teacher if you are not happy, and you can choose any faculty from our selection of native tutors or experts in their subject. At Ziyyara you can choose the time that suits you, the teacher that suits you, and there is no long-term contract. At Ziyyara, we have various packages to suit all needs.

How to make kids study?

Ziyyara will teach your child how to read, letter by letter, word by word, sentence by sentence. All of our tutors are passionate, and they also have a lot of patience with huge experience in teaching children. We pay attention only to your child, we dedicate the time only for your child, and slowly and gradually you will be able to notice the improvement in your child. Your child will not be able to read after a few lessons, dedication is needed not only by your child but also by the teacher and also the parents as well.

We understand that it will not be an easy subject. We also understand that it will not be easy for your child too. He might feel left out in the class because he cannot contribute. Reading is everything, and we make reading at Ziyyara the focus of everything.

How to make children study at the comfort of home?

At Ziyyara we will make reading fun and will make reading a love rather than a force. We will make your child love books and they will surely develop an interest in reading. Hopefully he will not only be able to read but will also enjoy unlimited collection of literature.

For example, Sarah who was suffering from dyslexia was not able to read properly at the age of 9. She used to mix the letter and numbers and she was not able to focus or read a paragraph.

The parents were in touch with Ziyyara via word of mouth. From day one Ziyyara understood the problem, spoke to Sarah, did some cognitive tests and based on the outcome a teacher and an educator and a counselor were put at work with Sarah's issue. Within a month Sarah was able to read, Sarah was able to focus even excel in reading in the class. Sometimes all it takes is some extra effort, either from us or the parent. Together one can overcome any hurdle, any obstacle just the way Sarah did.

Sarah is a good example on how Ziyyara works to tackle the problem. Ziyyara believes that every child is capable, each child is different, and each child will not be left behind because the school said so or the teacher cannot teach.

Ziyyara is not only focusing on one language. Children whose mother tongue is not English are facing a lot of difficulty in learning another language.

Our teachers are qualified to teach those students whose mother tongue is not English, and we have various experts to teach no matter what the circumstances are.

Try Ziyyara for once, and you won’t regret it. We will together change your child’s future and will help him/her in leading a better future.

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