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The Quran is a book.

The Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammed via the Angel Jibreel in 23 years. The Quran was not revealed in one go but took 23 years.

Muslim believe the Quran to be from God, written by the God and taught to Muhammed by God via the Angel Gibril.

Here are some facts about the Quran:

● Language: Arabic

● Number of chapters or surah: 114

● Number of ayat or versus: 6236

● Number of sections: 30

● First surah revealed: Sura number 96, Al Alaq (the clinging clot), first five verses

● Location of first revelation: Cave of Hira - Makah

● Month of revelation: Ramadan

● Most location of revelation: Makah & Madinah

● First Surah in the Quran: Surat Al Fatiha (the opening)

● Number of letters in the Quran: 86,430

● Number of alphabets in the Quran: 323,760

The Quran also has other names such as:

1. Al Kitab (the book)

2. Al Furqan (the criterion)

3. Al Dhikr (the reminder)

4. Al Huda (the guidance)

5. Al Tanzeel (the revelation)

If the Quran is given from God, it cannot be changed, and re-written. Even its sequence cannot be changed.

The Quran is a miracle to humanity, and it is the only miracle revealed by God which is eternal.

Revelation was revealed according to the need and timing from some of the ayat. Verses in the Quran are named as “Aya”. Aya translates into sign. The revelation was in parts rather than in one go, which became easy for the Muslims to understand, write and memorise it as well as pass it to the next generation.

Also, to be easy on the Prophet, Muhammed himself was facing many challenges especially in the first 13 years of the Quran revelation from the residence of Makah including his own tribe and family. The revelation usually left the prophet drained and weak.

The first chapters in the Quran which is usually placed at the end of the Quran were revealed in the beginning of the revelation. These chapters are short, precise and written to the point. Usually they are warning the unbelievers and act as a guidance to the believers.

The Quran must be read slowly in a paced manner to thoroughly understand its meaning. The Quran is not like a normal story book. Versus are mixed in it, and it jumps from one subject to another, and initially it could be a daunting task to read it and exactly understand whether it is for Muslims or non Muslims.

Even for Arabic speakers, it is not easy. The meaning of the word can completely mean something else and can also change the meaning of the sentence. Usually Arabic speakers learn to read the Quran at an early age of three. Muslims tend to encourage their children to memorise the small chapters at a very early age. As a result, Arabic speakers tend to be narrow-minded and only think of the meaning of Quran by the way they are taught which is influenced by the teacher, and the sector of Islam they belong to and also the family environment in which they are raised.

On the other hand, a lot of Muslims tend to put on weight. If it’s said by them or a particular aya or versus is interpreted, then it cannot be changed or argued. Muslim and

Non-Muslims need to understand that the Quran is eternal and timeless. The Quran was not only revealed to solve the problem at that time, but also to solve all the problems then and now.

The verses of Quran have various meanings, meanings that are obvious and meanings which no one knows. It takes dedication, concentration and thinking out of the box in order to understand the whole inner meaning of the Quran.

The Quran when it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammed peace was mainly memorized by his companion. It was also written in various forms available at that time, such as animal skin, piece of wood etc.

The third Khalif or the ruler of Islam Othman Bin Affan is a companion of Mohammed who was the most knowledgeable person of all.

He combined everything into one book and distributed it to various cities at that time such as Basra and Damascus. However, it was the Prophet Muhammed who instructed how the book could be arranged and should be kept at which place. Mohammed was instructed by the Angel Giblri who was instructed by God.

The Quran was meant to be this way as we see it today, even though it was revealed in various parts in 23 years.

At Ziyyara Quran classes, we teach our students how to read the Quran properly, the same way it was taught to us by the prophet Muhammed. Our instructors have experience in teaching the Quran to Arab speakers who usually take the meaning of book for granted, and the non-Arabic Muslim speakers make the most out of the Muslim worlds and consider the Quran a central part for each Muslim.

Reading the Quran is obligatory to all, and it can be downloaded in all the languages and can even be read very easily. A proper copy of the Quran can be brought from the library.

The Quran and its interpretation is easily available on various websites and it is upto you how you read it. One day you will be asked, one day we will be asked.

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