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Choosing a University is one of the most important things a teenager has to make in their life. Although Oman has only a few Universities compared to the population and compared to other GCC countries with Sultan Qaboos University leading the package. The Sultan Qaboos University was founded in 1986 with a total undergraduate population around 15,000. Number of students who graduate secondary school in Oman is around 40,000, with SQU taking around 3000 students every year.

There are few private Universities in Oman such as:

• German University of technology (GUTEC)

• Modern college

• Caledonian college of technology

• Muscat University

• Arab open University

• The University of Nizwa

• Higher college of technology

• University of Suhar

• Dhofar University

• College of banking and financial study

• Al Sharqiyah University

• Majan University college

• Oman tourism college

And few small others scattered around the Sultanate.

Given the number of graduates Ziyyara agrees there is not enough University for even 10% of the graduates. The amount of government is even less compared to the rest of the GCC, with only 1500 lucky students who get either full or half scholarships to Universities in countries such as the UK, the US, China, Malaysia and Australia. Subjects are also limited, varying from year to year based on government demand. Selection is usually a black box with applicants not exactly sure how to fill the application form.

Sometimes a student with a 90% score will get a scholarship compared to a student who got 96% due to mistakenly filling the form or due to luck. Priority is also given to male compared to women with a ratio of 3:1. Some women graduates raised several complaints without getting noticed. The reason given is usually women tend to score a much higher grade compared to men therefore if score counts, then all the scholarship will go to women, plus women supposedly should stay at home and raise children. Ziyyara believes women are a part of the society, women are the one who raise the next generation of leaders and not men, therefore Ziyyara believes women should be given equal opportunity for a career of their choice.

Students with higher grades should also think of possible careers based on the market, it is not enough to study based on your choice, a field such as business management is to board to land a candidate a job once graduated. Students should be more specific in their choice, they have to be unique, they have to be different, they have to think out of the box. This is where Ziyyara will be able to help fresh or soon to graduate secondary school students.

What happens to the left over, the one who are unlucky for a University seat, well they have to enter the job market which is even less limited based on their work experience and qualification. The other option is to enroll in various colleges in Oman that provide a diploma after two years of study. The leftover will have a less ambitious career with a salary in the range of 300 - 500 Omani Rials which is not enough to cover monthly bills or even raise a family.

The situation in Oman is difficult and it will be even more difficult for the next generation, the social media generation who spend most of their day using their cell phone. Will there be enough jobs for every year graduates, the current Oman unemployment especially the young below 30 years is very high.

The number is rising year by year and there are no short, mid neither long plans on the horizon on how to increase the job market. Oil is depleting and the oil fields are mature with no significant discovery in the past 10 years, tourism is overrated given the high temperature in Muscat in the summer peak season, Salalah with excellent climate during the summer lacks the proper facility to cope with the limited demand.

It is a war, it will be a war for every graduate, the numbers are limited for University seats, everyone needs to fight for themselves for the unlimited fresh graduates in Oman.

This where Ziyyara online education might help, at Ziyyara we provide one-on-one counseling with our fields expert on which career to take, which subject to choose based on your ability and market demand. Ziyyara will help you fill the form, make sure it is filled effectively to give the student a chance to enter one of the colleges. Ziyyara will help the student from the beginning even before his final year's secondary exam. Ziyyara believes the road should be prepared well in advance, the students have to be prepared mentally to take the pressure from parents, peers and society for their final examination. There is only one chance and Ziyyara believes it should not be wasted.

Ziyyara is building an education foundation for every child, one day the child will grow up, the child will mature and enter the job market as a builder rather than a burden.

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