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Coronavirus is an on-going pandemic that has affected almost every country of the world and has forced the countries to go into a lockdown. The virus is spread via respiratory droplets from coughing and sneezing. As of now, no known medicine exists for treating this virus though attempts are being made for developing medication for the same.

  1. Prevention by Government: - The governments of all countries are urging their citizens to take the required precautions so that the virus can be contained. People have been requested not to go out at public places and gatherings, wear masks, use sanitizers and wash hands repeatedly with water and soap.

  2. Help of Social Media: - Social distancing is one of the best precautionary measures that the governments have been asking people to follow. Keeping this in mind, most offices have allowed their employees to work from home. The virus because of being contagious has also taken a toll on education with colleges, schools and universities across the globe being shut down. In-person classes have been cancelled in schools and colleges and most students are being asked to go in for online classes.

  3. Safeguard for Study: - Online classes are virtual classes wherein the students are taught their syllabus and curriculum by teachers using a laptop or a portable device. Most teachers are preparing online lessons and also giving homework to the students online thereby bringing about a change in the education culture. The main reason for encouraging online classes by schools is to stop the spread of the virus and prevent new cases from emerging.

Keeping this in mind, Ziyyara Edutech, a leading online education platform has also offered online classes for school students so that their education and learning do not take a backseat during the time of this crisis. Ziyyara allows schools to register on its platforms and the school teachers can sign up with their accounts.

The teachers can then take classes of the students on a one-to-one basis or in groups to ensure that the students can effectively learn. Ziyyara Edutech has also decided not to charge any fee from the students for the online classes.

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, online classes do seem to be the best teaching and learning options for teachers and students and also offer consolation to the parents that their children are not sitting idle at home and wasting their time. Ziyyara however feels that online classes and learning must be strategized so that the students can learn in an efficient and effective manner.

Ziyyara Edutech offers the following strategies for online classes during the coronavirus outbreak:

  • Provide clear expectations to staff and parents- Schools that offer online classes during the coronavirus outbreak need to make sure that the right information is provided to the parents and the staff about such classes. The schools need to communicate with the parents and staff about online classes in a clear and precise manner so that they know what needs to be done.

  • The staff must be asked to take attendance of the students and provide the required tech-support to the students if needed. Parents on the other hand need to make sure that the children can log-into their accounts in time and pay attention to what is being taught. Ziyyara allows the creation of virtual classrooms wherein whiteboards are used to teach the students the concepts in an interactive manner.

  • Plan by taking time- It is essential for schools offering online classes during the coronavirus outbreak to take time to plan their online learning classes. It is essential to plan the online teaching classes and also prepare the teachers to take these classes in an effective manner.

  • The teachers need to be taught how to make use of digital pens and other tools so that they can use the whiteboards and other teaching materials in virtual classrooms in the right way. The plan may take a day or two before the online classes can be started but this delay can work well for the teachers as well as the students.

  • Establish daily schedules- Ziyyara Edutech recommends that teachers who take online classes set and establish daily schedules for their lessons. Teachers must make sure that the students get enough breaks and have a flexible schedule so that they do not end up sitting in front of the screens all day long. The students must be allowed enough time to do their homework as well on a daily basis. Establishing daily schedules for online classes can make the learning and teaching more efficient and effective.

  • Offer robust learning- Ziyyara Edutech with its online classes provides robust learning to the students. It advises schools also to do the same by breaking learning into smaller chunks so that the students know what is being taught. The teachers taking online classes also need to provide immediate feedback to the students to keep them motivated to move forward with their classes. For online classes, It is also essential for teachers to include virtual meetings, live chats and video tutorials for the students so as to maintain a human connection with the students. If this is not done, the students may get bored with the online classes and may start losing interest in them.

  • Choose the right tools- For online classes it is essential for the schools and teachers to choose the right tools for facilitating learning. Video conferencing, game-based lesson plans, simple, short and clear instructions are a few tools that must be used for online classes by teachers so that the students can enjoy their classes and learn in the required manner. Ziyyara Edutech in addition to providing audio and video conferencing tools also provides whiteboards and interactive lessons to facilitate teaching and learning.

  • It is also essential for the teachers and students to access all essential and required resources that can facilitate and complement online classes during the virus outbreak. During coronavirus outbreak, the individual learning needs of all students must also be kept in mind by the teachers when developing the lesson plans. At Ziyyara Edutech, the teachers taking online classes develop lesson plans to ensure that the parents are not overwhelmed and do not need to support their children much in their learning efforts.

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