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I don't know why I am forced to learn chemistry in school, I hate chemistry. I hate the smell, I hate the laboratory, I hate the teacher. Chemistry is boring and useless.

Think again, without chemistry there will be no life. Without chemistry there will be no Earth. Without chemistry there will be no love.

Why am I forced to do something that I will not be using when I grow up? I don't want to be a chemist, I don't want to be a pharmacist, I don't want to be doing experimentation in the laboratory.

Children are too young to decide about their career, that is why they study all the subjects, to broaden their horizons, to expand their thinking, to learn and to be educated.

Don't think narrowly about chemistry, chemistry is not a subject to fall in love with head over heels. Chemistry is complicated, it has formulas, tables, and numbers. All the elements are there for the student to hate chemistry.

Life started with a huge explosion called the Big Bang. The first few seconds were important, and it was all about chemistry. Chemistry still plays a major part in our day to day life, our breath, our food, various agents we use such as chemicals, shampoo, and detergent. Even our human emotions evolve among chemical reactions that involve chemistry in our brain.

Have you ever thought of the food we eat; what type is it? From vegetable to scratch to fruit, how does it come to being? What with the colour? The taste? The vitamin and nutrition it contains. Have you thought of gaining or losing weight? It is all chemical interaction in our body. Baking a loaf of bread, making cakes, the coca cola that you love, all are made by chemical interactions.

Did you ever think of your body? What it is made of? How it evolved from nothing to you. It is all chemical interaction that involves chemical compounds such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and calcium

Our mind, the most complicated organ that we have, till today with advanced technology we still don't understand how the mind works and functions. Various emotions that we feel are the result of million chemical interactions in our mind that involve billions of neurons. Emotions such as love, hate, want, feeling, touch all is a result of chemical interaction. Our brain is subdivided into various sections, each with its own neurons and chemical interaction that control our thought, our memory short or long, ability to retrieve knowledge even control disease and how we fight it. Our brain consumes more than 30% of the body's energy and it is one of the largest organs that we have. Our mind is the single element that makes us human, and it is all chemistry.

The universe which we hardly know and will never know, is all about chemical interactions that happened billions of years ago and are still happening. The sun, the planet, the stars, meteorites, and black holes are part of huge chemical interactions. Our knowledge is so limited that our grasp of understanding even in small creatures such as a mosquito is unknown.

Falling in love, your first kiss is all chemical interaction in your brain, without love there will be no human, without love there will be no endless generation of us, without the mind human will never conquer the world.

Our brain is where we store information, this is done by chemical interaction. Today it is even more relevant, we are continuously bombarded with information from news, social media feeds and family. Chemical interaction is non-stop, our mind doesn't rest, our mind is continuously thinking non-stop grabbing this and that trying to see the forest from the tree. The more we multitask the more brain and chemical interaction occur, the more we become deliberative, the less able we tend to think about a particular problem. Given the number of neutrons in our brain the amount of information that we can store is limitless. On the other hand, we don't use the storage effectively and store it with useful information not Facebook and Instagram feeds or useless news.

Our brain is like a plastic, the more we feed it, the more we nurture it the more it will expand, the more it will give us. To navigate this world, with all the obstacle’s and unknown future, our children need to focus, and this require chemistry and chemical interaction in our brain, if our children spend most of the time playing internet games and on social media they lose their ability to focus, they will lose their mind, which will lead to depression. Focus and controlling are all brain chemical interactions. They involve so many things such as playing attention, being present, remembering the rules, and being yourself. Children who are willing to take challenges, go out, interact socially, have a mindset growth and that is what we need for our future generation.

At Ziyyara we make sure we teach our children to love and not to hate any subject, even chemistry. We show them the path and it is up to them to pick the road.

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