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Equations in school are there everywhere, from mathematics, to physics, to chemistry. Our children are bombarded with equations every day. They don't only have to memorize it but they also have to learn which equation applies to which problem. We tend to forget, we tend not to remember, so are our children. Only a few have photographic memory, only a few children excel in class, the rest have to learn to memorize all the mathematics formula through the hard and boring way, that is through cramming.

Why do some children find it harder to memorize an easy physics or mathematics formula while the majority struggle? There must be a way, we at Ziyyara online one-on-one learning will find a way.

One of the greatest achievements in your life comes when you can learn anything including complex physics and mathematics formula . Once you master the technique of easy memorizing it can be applied to your day-to-day life such as remembering names, grocery shopping lists or even easy things like, where I left my car key

Memory is like a habit, any habit can be learned, any habit can be mastered. Mastering memory can be divided into a few steps: concentration, imagining and a habit of continuous use.

For concentration you need to be present, present while in the class, while revising and while studying for the final exam. Without your mind being present, memory will be lost. Ignore the phone, ignore updating and checking continuously your social media profile, ignore everything, be focused, be present. Concentration is all about to be centered, when power is concentrated, anything can be achieved, anything can be learned, anything can be remembered.

Try to imagine the number and letters in the formula as a story, make a story for each formula. Example E=MC2. It could be I went to a friend farm, picked up some EGGs, gave it to MOTHER, who COOKED it for us, just for the TWO of us.

You can make up words for each number, words are easy to remember. If you add simple letters you can come up with unlimited stories however, if you add number to number you only come up with more numbers. For example:

• 1 can be T or D

• 2 can be N

• 3 can be M

• 4 can be R

• 5 can be L

• 6 can be J

• 7 can be K

• 8 can be F

• 9 can be B

For example, how do you remember the number 98 = BeeF.

You can come up with endless words and combinations by just using simple letters. It is amazing, how 26 letters of the English alphabet can be arranged to come up with an unlimited combination of words that make up a story. The basic and simple letters come to life when read.

We forget all the time, after 1 day of class we remember only 50% of the things taught. After seven days only 30%, after 20 days only 20% and so on. Usually exams come after a semester, half a year or even a few years, you need to train your mind to remember. A picture is worth more than a thousand words, if you make a story for each formula and associate it with an occasion then, it will be easy to remember.

With today's unlimited information, we tend to forget, we forget where we left our key, we forget our wallet, we forget even to say good morning to our loved ones. Today, we need our memory to be even sharper to distinguish the noise from the fact, to remember what is important as compared to what is less important.

Through practice we build our children by a layer of dedication, dedication will lead to commitment, commitment will lead to enhancement of their memory. Success is not a magical word, success can come with natural consequences, success can come with practice and by applying basic fundamentals.

Mind map can also help make complex formulas or problems easy by breaking them into basic components. Various phone applications exist on way to use Mind map. Ziyyara will be able to demonstrate this technique at An affordable cost.

At Ziyyara, our expert in memory can teach your child the best way to remember easy and complex tasks. At the end it all comes with practice, without practice our mind will be filled with SnapChat and TikTok videos and this is not the way we want to build our next generation of learners. We need to teach our children self-discipline, we need to teach them commitment, commitment to do their work on a day-to-day basis, commitment for their education and commitment for their future. You cannot be a champion without hard work, you cannot be a champion without practicing, you cannot be a champion without sacrifices.

At a cost of a burger and a soda you can help your child to remember even the hated formula in his or her mathematics, or physics, or chemistry class. You have nothing to lose. Try Ziyyara on a one-on-one learning, today.

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