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There is no denying that the Singapore education system is one of the best in the world. They treat their teachers as first-class employees and pay them at par with engineers, doctors and politicians. By doing that, they attract the best minds around as compared to other parts of the world, where teachers are treated as a second or third class employee, who work round the clock and get minimum wages.

Because of focusing on their education system, Singapore's economy is one of the best in the world, given that the island lacks any natural resources and is surrounded by larger countries such as China, Indonesia and Malaysia. Their education system is producing the best results in the world, feeding the growth of the country.

Singapore is one of the world's best open societies and is also the best place to start a business. This can never be achieved without a strong educational system. In Singapore, there is no discrimination based on gender, religion or race. Recently they voted a minority Muslim woman to rule them, not because of her race or religion but because of her dedication and contribution to the Singapore society. What a role model? It’s an example that the rest of the world should follow.

Why is the education system in Singapore successful and what can the rest of the world learn from it and what Ziyyara online educational system can do to make Ziyyara the best online tuition in the world?

Singapore education statistics shows the best education in singapore as their education system focuses on the below points:

1. It focuses on creativity.

2. It focuses on problem solving rather than teaching boring subjects.

3. It focuses on strategic thinking.

4. It focuses on providing practical knowledge that will help make Singapore the country of the future and compete against the best.

5. It focuses on learning.

6. It focuses on teaching specific subjects.

7. It focuses on parental engagement from day one.

8. It focuses on the wellness of the student.

9. It focuses on students’ passion from a young age and enhances their skills.

10. It pays the teachers what they deserve, at par with other professionals.

11. It recruits teachers from the top of the educational system.

The focus in Singapore is teaching how to learn. In this era of Google and Wikipedia, teaching the younger is not sufficient any more, that is why the ways of education in Singapore curriculum is changed every year. If everything is digital and at par with the world level, then things can be changed on a daily basis, to focus on problem solving and innovation rather than teaching dogmas.

At Ziyyara, we are not focusing only on teaching at par, but catering the special needs of education in singapore by following the Singaporean education system. Our focus is the student, paying them absolute attention and enhancing their creativity. Here, we are building learners just like the education system in Singapore. We are nurturing the future citizens and adults. Our selected top tutors on various subjects are one of the best around, they make a difference rather than just teach. We don't just teach to pass the exam or score A’s. We are working to strengthen holistic education in Singapore and to provide a strong foundation for the future, whether in Singapore or anywhere else.

We also work with the parents and with students, who find it difficult to cope with the high standard of education and the pressure from the parents, to be the best and to compete with the best in a highly competitive job market.

The rest of the world can also be like Singapore by applying state of the art innovation in education. Ziyyara highly qualified innovators and learners can work not only with students and parents but also with schools around the globe to change one school at a time.

The world educational system needs to go digital, there is no need to print books that require a panel and a long process to change, curriculum can be changed on a weekly or daily basis. If we continue educating our children using old books and curriculum, we cannot win the bigger battle. We will not be able to produce the adults of the future who can battle climate change, disease, and world hunger.

At Ziyyara, we start from a young age, we start from day one. Here, we are trying to make a change by using Singapore's educational system as the model for the world.

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